Bryn Athyn College Alumni Magazine Fall/Winter 2017-18 - Page 19

Hockey players Nikita Klinisovs ('19) and D.J. Mulhern (BS '17) undergo “spiritual conditioning” with Coach Ray Silverman. SPIRITUAL ATHLETES Engaging Students in The Ten Commandments By Sasha Silverman B ack when Moses revealed the Ten Commandments, life looked a little differ- ent. Teenagers rode on donkeys for transportation and got their water from wells in the ground. So, could those words engraved in stone, so many thousands of years ago, possibly have meaning to today’s hip college students? Reverend Ray Silverman, Ph.D. says, “Absolutely, yes.” To- day, students in Ray’s 672BЧf6VB&VƖvW2WF727GVGpFRFV6FVG2V f&W2"v&B&VƖv0B6FVRF&W&W6VBFP6&Rb&Ɨfr&F0b27GVFVG22( 7&GVFЦWFW2( 6RfFW2FVF6( 66( &62( vV'666fW&vWB&VGf"672Bv2fVV0ƖRWrvR66rw&WbVRfR( 7GVFVG26VVЧF&R6F6rF&( 2W6FRЦVB2B2&V6RRbFP6Vv^( 27BV"6W'6W2FW7F2g&FR670WG&WF$( 2v6W2g&&F7B&6Цw&VB6B( &Vf&RFrF0672WfW"vVBFBV&ЦrFRFV6FVG06VBVRF"6Vb֖Ч&fVVBF2&VƖv67>( F0GFW"bf7BFRVF&R''F6VvRWW&V6^( F2ЦvrRF&V6RFRW'66VFv6F&R( 6RFFVB( Ēv6FW"662vVBffW F26W'6R6FBFV"7GVFVG06VB6VRvBFW&R֗76pWB( ХVVF'&6$( "vv2&6VBFRWr6W&66B( F26722&VVƖfRЦ6vrWW&V6RfRWfW 6&VB6V6&WBגƖfPvFFW'2F2&6W72bVЦFW'7FFrFRFV6BЦVG2&RFWF2VBFvRWr&B7&GV6FRf"R( ФFW"7GVFVB&6P$( 2vv2&6VBFPWr6W&66B( ĒFF06W'6R2W7BֆfRf"WfW'7GVFVB6W'FF26W'6P26vVBגƖfR( Ф֖6&W$( "7vVF67GVFVBv&Vv670v7F26B( FR6720"%BRrP