Broschüre Frühjahr / Spring 2019 Broschure_F19_EN - Page 41

WRAPPING / WEDDING Design of the interior 204320 gift bags triple assorted 18x16x8 18x25x8 22x30x11cm 171002 gift boxes heart 3 pcs. set holo foil 204358 gift bag 28x25x11cm 204359 gift bag 32,5x37x11cm 41 204324 gift bags triple mix 30x22x11cm 201199 voucher envelope 23x11cm 201195 voucher envelope 23x11cm With lovely inlay c ard & tissue paper 204241 gift bags mini 18 pcs. à 9x7,5x5cm 12 pcs. à 13,5x11x5cm 210395 gift boxes 20x10x2,2cm This is a small selection from our range of products. For more items visit us on our webshop: