Broschüre Frühjahr / Spring 2019 Broschure_F19_EN - Page 130

GIVING / WE LOVE The new and super-light kite fabric used for cosmetic and bits-and-pieces-bags makes these accessories attractive for any luggage. What‘s more, it is very sturdy and easy to clean. The new bits-and-pieces-bag perfectly serves as a bag within a bag and safely keeps your favourite book and other beloved pieces. 240540 cosmetic bag 24x17cm 240544 cosmetic bag 22x11cm 240542 cosmetic bag 24x17cm 240546 cosmetic bag 22x11cm 240541 cosmetic bag 24x17cm 240545 cosmetic bag 22x11cm 240543 cosmetic bag 24x17cm 240547 cosmetic bag 22x11cm 130 your Keeps rite u o v a f s & k o o b pieces 240537 bits and pieces bag triple assorted 20x30cm 240538 bits and pieces bag triple assorted 20x30cm This is a small selection from our range of products. For more items visit us on our webshop: