Brochures Summer 2017 - Page 35

Junior Tennis Junior Tennis Programs Jun 19-Aug 6 Red Ball 1 & 2 Larry Fink Memorial Park 3001721-A M 4-4:45pm 3001721-B Tu 4-4:45pm 3001721-C W 4-4:45pm 3001721-D Th 4-4:45pm 3001721-E Sa 9-9:45am 3001721-F Su 9-9:45am $118/130/139 $101/111/119 $118/130/139 $118/130/139 $118/130/139 $118/130/139 Red Ball 3 Larry Fink Memorial Park 3001723-A M 4:45-5:30pm 3001723-B Tu 4:45-5:30pm 3001723-C W 4-4:45pm 3001723-D Th 4-4:45pm 3001723-E Sa 10:30-11:15am 3001723-F Su 9:45-10:30am $118/130/139 $101/111/119 $118/130/139 $118/130/139 $118/130/139 $118/130/139 Junior Development Program 1 Larry Fink Memorial Park 3001531-A M 4-4:45pm 3001531-B Tu 4-4:45pm 3001531-C W 4:45-5:30pm 3001531-D Th 4:45-5:30pm 3001531-E Sa 9:45-10:30am 3001531-F Su 10:30-11:15am $118/130/139 $101/111/119 $118/130/139 $118/130/139 $118/130/139 $118/130/139 Junior Development Program 2 Larry Fink Memorial Park 3001532-A M 4:45-5:30pm 3001532-B Tu 4:45-5:30pm 3001532-C W 4:45-5:30pm 3001532-D Th 4:45-5:30pm 3001532-E Sa 11:15am-Noon 3001532-F Su 11:15am-Noon $118/130/139 $101/111/119 $118/130/139 $118/130/139 $118/130/139 $118/130/139 Junior Development Program 3 Larry Fink Memorial Park 3001533-A M 5:30-6:30pm $157/173/185 3001533-B Sa 11:30am-12:30pm $157/173/185 3001533-C Su Noon-1pm $157/173/185 Mini Excellence Larry Fink Memorial Park 3001690-A Sa 12:30-1:30pm 3001690-B Su 1-2pm $157/173/185 $157/173/185 Tournament Prep 1* Larry Fink Memorial Park 3001871-A M 5:30-6:30pm 3001871-B Tu 5:30-6:30pm 3001871-C W 5:30-6:30pm 3001871-D Th 5:30-6:30pm 3001871-E Sa Noon-1pm 3001871-F Su Noon-1pm $157/173/185 $135/149/159 $157/173/185 $157/173/185 $157/173/185 $157/173/185 Tournament Prep 2* Larry Fink Memorial Park 3001872-A Tu 5:30-6:30pm $135/149/159 3001872-B W 5:30-6:30pm $157/173/185 3001872-C Th 5:30-6:30pm $157/173/185 3001872-D Sa 1-2pm $157/173/185 3001872-E Su 11am-Noon $157/173/185 *Enrollment in JDP-1 and up is subject to approval by the Junior Director or Head Pro. An evaluation may be required. Junior Program Skill Evaluation New juniors registering for lessons except for Red Ball 1-3; JDP 1-3, must be evaluated before entry into the program. Please call the Richard Watson at 847.579.4127 to schedule an evaluation. Rain Makeup Policy Rain makeups must be completed within the 7-week summer program. No refunds; No exceptions. Inclement Weather Two ways to stay up to date during inclement weather: 1. Web: Visit (search Park District of Highland Park or enter 60035 zip code). View status of classes based on the LOCATION of the class (Fink, Cunniff or Sunset Park). SIGN UP to receive text messages or email updates for s Á•¥™¥ŒÁɽÉ…µÌ9™½È„ÍÁ•¥™¥Œ±•¹Ñ ½˜Ñ¥µ”„(ȸA¡½¹”Ñ¡”I…¥¹½Õѱ¥¹”è€àÐܸÔÜä¸äÀÀก¹Ñ•ÈÑ¡”ÁɽÉ…´½È)Á…ɬ±½…Ñ¥½¸­•ä€¡™½Õ¹½¸Ý•‰Í¥Ñ”¤=H±¥Íѕ¸Ñ¼Ñ¡”µ•¹Ô)…¹µ…­”å½Õȁ͕±•Ñ¥½¸™½È¥¹¬° Õ¹¹¥™˜½ÈMչ͕ЁA…ɬ¸)%¸…Í”½˜É…¥¸°±…Í͕́ݥ±°‰”…¹•±±•¸)½Èµ½É”¥¹™½Éµ…Ñ¥½¸Í•”Á…”€àà¸)%µÁ½Éх¹Ð…±°I•¥ÍÑɅѥ½¸9½Ñ¥”)5•µ‰•É́9ÕÉɕ¹Ñ±ä•¹É½±±•€ÜµÝ••¬±…Í́Á…ÉÑ¥¥Á…¹Ñ́…É”)…±±½Ý•Ñ¼ÁɔµÉ•¥Íѕȁ՜€Ü´ÄÄ°€àèÌÁ…´´ÍÁ´°5½¹‘…äÑ¡É½Õ )É¥‘…丁5•µ‰•ÉÍ¡¥ÀÝ¥±°‰”É•¹•Ý•½¸Ñ¡”‘…䁽˜É•¥ÍÑɅѥ½¸)Ѽ…Ù…¥°Ñ¡¥Ì½ÁÁ½ÉÑÕ¹¥Ñ丁=Á•¸½¹±¥¹”É•¥ÍÑɅѥ½¸Ý¥±°‰•¥¸)՜€ÄØ°€ÈÀÄܸ(ÈÀÄÜ´ÈÀÄàAɥمє ±…Í́9½Ñ¥”)5•µ‰•ÉÍ¡¥À½È€ÜµÝ••¬ÍÕµµ•ÈÍ•ÍÍ¥½¸±…Í́ݥ±°‰”É•Åեɕ)™½È…±°ÕÍѽµ•É́ݡ¼Ý¥Í Ñ¼¡…Ù”„ƒŠaÁɥمїŠd±…Í́™½ÈÑ¡”€ÈÀÄÜ´(ÈÀÄà%¹‘½½ÈM•…ͽ¸¸)MÕµµ•È€ÈÀÄ܃ŠˆA…ɬ¥ÍÑÉ¥Ð½˜!¥¡±…¹A…ɬ(ÌÔ)9¼±…Í͕́)Õ°€Ð