Brochures Spring 2017 - Page 62


Spend the day at Lake Michigan . Enjoy the natural beauty of the shoreline .
With nearly ten percent of all of Illinois ’ Lake Michigan shoreline within Highland Park , our lakeshore , bluffs , ravines and public parks physically define Highland Park ’ s community character . The Park District maintains four public park beaches that offer public access to this magnificent shoreline : Millard , Moraine , Park Avenue , and Rosewood . Each of the four beaches provides a unique mix of ecological , recreational , aesthetic and educational value that is an integral part of the historical , cultural and natural resources of Highland Park . Upper parks along the bluffs connect pedestrians to each beach . Walking paths or steps provide access to the respective beaches from the upper parks .
Millard Park beach is a neighborhood friendly passive non-swimming beach area , with over 1,000 feet of Lake Michigan shore and bluff . Historic gardens in the upper park overlook the lake and beach area . Ravine restoration over the past years has enhanced the habitat for trout spawning and other native wildlife and ecology .
Moraine Park beach is a neighborhood friendly non-swimming beach that focuses on passive recreation – nature walks , picnicking , and an outdoor art sculpture area in the upper park . The beach is also home to Highland Park ’ s only dog beach area . See page 87 for dog beach and dog park info .
Park Avenue beach is a multi-use beach offering a passive beach area on the north end and a boat launch , breakwater , harbor , sailboat storage and small craft sailing center on the south end . It is also home to the North Shore Yacht Club .
Rosewood Beach is the Park District ’ s newly renovated award winning beach . Rosewood features three protected beaches including a passive beach area used for ecological / nature programs , a guarded swimming beach , and a recreational beach . Nestled against Rosewood ’ s wooded bluffs is one-of-a-kind beachfront Interpretive Center and amenity buildings including concessions , restroom , and guard buildings . The beach areas and buildings are connected by a boardwalk that runs the length Rosewood beach . No dogs allowed on beach .
Please remember :
Smoking is prohibited at all Park District of Highland Park beaches .
Rainout Line will keep you up to date when adverse weather affects our programs and events . See page 88 for more information .
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