Brochures Product Guide 2018 - Page 8

PAUL MITCHELL BLONDE ® FOR THE LOVE OF BLONDE. Whether the blonde is cool and dusty, platinum or golden, Paul Mitchell provides a cohesive collection of products to address every blonde texture and tone. ® SynchroLift ® Ultra-Quick Blue Powder Lightener What it does: Exclusive balanced bleach technology lifts up to 7 levels quickly and gently. • On-scalp double process blonding. • Off-scalp foil highlighting. • Ideal for any lightening technique. How it works: Mixes to a creamy consistency that resists swelling and lifts up to 7 levels. Added bonus: Features potato starch and zero fragrance for a pleasant coloring experience. SIZES (OZ): 14.1 28.2 Skylight ® Hand-Painting Clay Lightener What it does: Eliminates the need for foils and provides an ideal texture for all freehand application techniques, including balayage and organic highlights, with up to 7 levels of lift. How it works: Rice flour and kaolin clay help form an instant shell during processing that won’t dry out, flake or transfer. Added bonus: Skylight ® does not require the use of a dedicated developer. It mixes to a perfect, creamy consistency and helps retain moisture during processing. SIZES (OZ): 8 14.1 Dual-Purpose Lightener On and Off-Scalp Powder Lightener What it does: Creates beautiful blondes, no matter what your canvas or starting level, and lifts up to 7 levels while helping to retain moisture and shine. • On-scalp double process blonding. • Off-scalp foil highlighting. • Color correction. • Ideal for any creative lightening technique. How it works: • Fast-lifting base, combined with natural conditioning oils, lifts up to 7 levels quickly. • Offers gentle, even lift with control, making it ideal for any lightening technique. Added bonus: A gentle fragrance offers a soothing experience. SIZES (LB): 1 2 NEW! Blue Oil Lightener System On and Off-Scalp Lightener What it does: Gentle, conditioning formula quickly achieves up to 5 levels of lift. How it works: Blue Powder Activator packets mix with Blue Oil Booster and Paul Mitchell ® Cream Developer to create the perfect on-scalp and off-scalp lightener. Added bonus: Ideal gel consistency for easy mixing and precise application. Lighten Up ® On and Off-Scalp Blonding Paste What it does: Delivers flawless blonde hues, even on fine, fragile hair. Specially balanced lifting agents gently provide fast, even lift up to 5 levels. • Ideal for color correction and creative techniques. • Lifts on tone. • Non-irritating on even the most sensitive scalps. • Resists drying out. How it works: Unique amino acid conditioning agents help reduce moisture loss and minimize cuticle damage, while soothing aloe helps calm scalp irritation for an enjoyable client experience. Added bonus: Creamy beeswax base is easy to mix for effortless, flexible application. Flash Finish ® Sheer Rapid Toner What it does: Sheer pastel colors achieve the perfect tone on pre-lightened hair in a flash. Neutralizes or enhances tone in 10 minutes or less. • Refreshes sun-bleached and over-lightened hair. • Corrects or neutralizes yellow to yellow-orange in natural white, gray or brassy blonde tones. • Intermixable with Color Shots ® for added formulation options; use up to 1 shot of Color Shots ® per 2 oz. of Flash Finish ® . How it works: • • • • • • Liquid gel consistency is ideal for applicator bottle or bowl and brush application. Pure tone with no brown base. Hydrolyzed soy protein adds shine and condition. Sheer tone lasts up to 3 weeks. Fresh fragrance. No-lift, ammonia-free formula. Added bonus: Instantly moisturizes hair and delivers a smoother, shinier surface. SIZE (OZ): 2 SIZE (OZ): 7.1 8 9