Brochures Product Guide 2018 - Page 6

SEMI-PERMANENT HAIR COLOR CREATE EVERY SHADE OF GORGEOUS. POP XG ™ Vibrant Semi-Permanent Cream Color What it does: Offers a spectrum of intermixable electric and pastel shades for a pop of color. How it works: • Features a conditioning base for soft, shiny and even end results. • The rich, cream texture is perfect for controlled, clean application. • No developer required. SIZE (OZ): 6 PURPLE RED PINK BLUE BORDEAUX TEAL YELLOW ORANGE GREEN OPALESCENT STEEL MIDNIGHT DILUTER PURPLE QUARTZ MINT CONDITION PEACHY KEEN PINK FLAMINGO TROPICAL BLUE ROYAL PURPLE* *ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE U.S. POP XG ™ Reducer Direct Dye Corrector What it does: POP XG ™ Reducer can be mixed with water or developer to provide controlled lift of unwanted direct-dye pigments while maintaining the condition of the hair. How it works: • For hair treated with direct dyes or semi-permanent hair c olor. • For more gentle removal, mix with 3 oz. of water instead of developer. • Process for 5-45 minutes at room temperature, checking every 5 minutes for desired correction and/or removal. Added bonus: No-drip formula for clean and easy application. SIZE (OZ): 0.7 PACKETS (SET OF 10) INKWORKS ® Semi-Permanent Hair Color What it does: Provides vibrant, pure tones or an “aura” of color. Available in six intermixable shades: Yellow, Red, Hot Pink, Purple, Blue and White. How it works: • INKWORKS ® sits primarily on the outside of the hair shaft—the greater the porosity and lighter the base color, the more intense the end result. • INKWORKS ® White may be used alone for intense shine or to dilute shades for pastel tones on pre-lightened hair. SIZE (OZ): 4.2 MODEL FORMULA | LIMELIGHT Blonding Formula: Paul Mitchell ® SynchroLift ® + 20 volume Paul Mitchell ® Cream Developer Formula 1: POP XG TM Green Formula 2: Equal parts POP XG TM Green + POP XG TM Yellow + Super-Charged Treatment ® Formula 3: 3 parts Super-Charged Treatment ® + 1 part POP XG TM Purple 6 VISIT PAULMITCHELLPRO.COM FOR THE MODEL’S COLOR FORMULA AND MORE! 7