Brochures Product Guide 2018 - Page 32

BEAUTIFULLY EXPRESSIVE FLEXIBLE STYLE WORKABLE. VERSATILE. TEXTURE. ESP Sculpting Foam ™ Super Sculpt ™ ® Elastic Shaping Paste • Versatile What it does: Creates bendable texture with flexible hold and can shape multiple styles. Use it to spike, twist, bend, separate or define. How it works : Infused with beeswax for pliability. Added bonus: Highly concentrated, a little goes a long way. Fast Drying • Styling Glaze What it does: Provides flexible control and long-lasting memory while adding body and maximizing shine. How it works: Conditioning, bodifying agents and panthenol add volume and memory. Added bonus: Dries fast so you get the results you want in less time. SIZE (OZ): 1.8 SIZES (OZ): 0.25 3.4 8.5 16.9 33.8 128 Conditioning Foam • Controls Frizz What it does: Enhances texture with long-lasting memory that controls frizz, adds shine and balances moisture. How it works: Styling and bodifying agents, combined with panthenol, provide touchable hold. Emollient conditioners smooth the surface of the hair. Added bonus: Creates gorgeous, crunch-free, defined curls. SIZES (OZ): 2 6.7 16.9 Hair Sculpting Lotion ™ Lasting Control • Extreme Shine What it does: Delivers medium-hold, long-lasting memory and reactivates with heat or water for quick and easy restyling. How it works: Styling and bodifying agents, combined with panthenol, add texture and memory. Wheat-derived conditioners control static. Added bonus: Smoothes the surface of the hair and minimizes flyaways. SIZES (OZ): 8.5 16.9 Wax Works ® Round Trip ® Faster Styling • Defines Curls What it does: Conditions and protects textured tresses and adds weightless bounce and detail to curls and waves. How it works: Styling agents derived from cornstarch add weightless detail. Panthenol and magnesium sulfate condition, protect and strengthen curls. Added bonus: Reduces drying time to get you on your way faster. Movable Texture • Styling Cream What it does: Creates clean, movable texture and allows for easy restyling. How it works: Wheat-derived conditioners create pliable texture. Added bonus: Can be used on wet hair for a natural finish or on dry hair for bold texture. SIZES (OZ): 0.25 6.8 SIZE (OZ): 5.1 Re-Works ® Hot Off The Press Spray Wax ™ High Definition • Bold Texture What it does: Creates bold texture and definition, and makes hair super shiny. How it works: Flexible resins and vegetable-based conditioners define and add texture. Added bonus: Strong enough for hair that’s hard to control. Pliable Texture • Satin Finish What it does: Creates bendable texture and delivers a satin finish. How it works: Non-oily wax and sunflower seed oil create a satin finish; flexible beeswax adds pliability. Added bonus: Light aerosol mist is easy to apply to all hair types and lengths. SIZES (OZ): 0.25 3.4 6.8 SIZES (OZ): 2.8 7.5 Fast Drying Sculpting Spray ™ Super Clean Spray Touchable Hold • Working Spray What it does: Adds body, flexible control and shine for any finished style. How it works: Flexible styling agents quickly reactivate with heat or water. Added bonus: Perfect medium-hold finishing spray. SIZES (OZ): 8.5 16.9 33.8 128 Touchable Hold • Finishing Spray What it does: Adds fullness, texture and flexible hold; dries fast with clean, run-your-fingers-through-it results. How it works: Flexible stylers and conditioning agents add body and shine. Added bonus: Fine mist spray provides a dry application. Hold Me Tight ™ Worked Up Touchable Hold • Finishing Spray What it does: Secures any style with a strong, long-lasting hold and dries fast without stiffness or buildup. How it works: Powerful, yet flexible, polymers provide strong hold. Vegetable-derived conditioners and shine enhancers impart high shine and minimize static. Added bonus: Enhances shine and reduces flyaways. Quick Drying • Working Spray What it does: Provides long- lasting, flexible hold and dries in a flash with a clean, no-product feel. How it works: Workable polymers provide lasting hold. Vegetable-derived conditioners and shine enhancers impart high shine and reduce static. Added bonus: Boosts shine. ® ® Thermal Protection • Touchable Hold What it does: Protects fragile strands from damage caused by heat styling—also boosts hair’s strength, fights frizz and provides flexible hold. How it works: Rice hull extract builds a lightweight barrier between hair and heat styling tools, while wheat proteins deliver an extra dose of strength. Added bonus: Adds great memory for effortless curls or smoothing with a hot iron. SIZE (OZ): 6 SIZES (OZ): 3.5 9.5 ® SIZE (OZ): 9.4 SIZE (OZ): 9.4 CREATES NATURAL LOOKS WITH A MEDIUM HOLD. 32