Brochures Product Guide 2018 - Page 22

BEAUTIFULLY MODERN INSTANT MOISTURE ® HYDRATED. REVIVED. REPLENISHED. Instant Moisture ® Shampoo Awapuhi Moisture Mist ® Hydrates • Revives What it does: Color-safe formula cleanses, hydrates thirsty hair, plumps up skinny strands and helps repair damage. How it works: Instant Moisture Complex provides superior conditioning and UV protection, while panthenol adds body and helps repair damage from the inside out. Added bonus: Helps protect vulnerable hair from the sun. Hydrating Spray • Refreshing What it does: Deeply hydrates thirsty hair and revives dry, tired skin. How it works: Lactic acid and Hawaiian awapuhi provide deep moisture and enhanced shine. Spirulina and plankton extracts rich in amino acids and vitamins make hair soft, hydrated and silky smooth, while sodium PCA balances moisture. Added bonus: Reactivates styling products in hair, making it perfect for quick touch-ups. SIZES (OZ): 0.25 3.4 10.14 16.9 33.8 128 SIZES (OZ): 8.5 16.9 Instant Moisture ® Conditioner Super-Charged Treatment Hydrates • Revives What it does: Hydrates and detangles moisture-starved strands, making hair shiny and manageable. How it works: Soy proteins, shea butter and Instant Moisture Complex moisturize, strengthen and add elasticity. Panthenol builds body and repairs damage from the inside out. Added bonus: Strengthens the cuticle and improves elasticity. Intense Hydration • Ultra Rich What it does: Delivers an intense dose of moisture for dehydrated hair, boosts shine and improves elasticity. How it works: Panthenol, soy proteins and vitamin E provide hydration a X[ۋYY۝\ΈXZ\Z\[Y[X[Y\[[ܙHX[YXXKVT ֊N H KH MH LVT ֊N H  ˎ L]\ZH\0[\\^[8(H\]]\Έ[HX[\[Y]\\H[]ܚΈ]\ZH^X[[[B[\\Hۈ[[H\[[\\^\˂YY۝\ΈZ[Yܘ[HX]\[X[[\ VH ֊N K’QUTSQTTTKUHRTPUUQSHVQSQ‘SKSˈѕ XH۸&]ܞH0[\[Z[^H0Y\8(X\QYB]]\Έ[HX[\[\Z\[[ ]ܚΈZ[X[\[B]][ܙX]HHX\\ܛ][KH[\]YH[و^X[Y]B[][[\\H[H[[Z[B[ۙY\^X[H[KYY۝\ΈHX\\ܛ][H\šYX[܈[[و[Y\ˈY][\8(X QYB]]\ΈX\[H][\™H܈[\Z\]ܚΈX]\Z\\[[وKYY۝\Έ[\]X˜[[۝[[&\¸'[ܛ[Z\'BVT ֊N H MBVT ֊N H L M MH ˎSHPSTSUSTSUUHS˂