Brochures Product Guide 2018 - Page 10

ADDITIONAL PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT PRODUCTS Color Shots ® Pure Color Pigment What it does: Vibrant, pure color tones increase your creative formulation options when using Paul Mitchell the color and PM SHINES . • Available in 5 vivid colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Violet. • Recommended amount of Color Shots per 2 oz. of color: 3 shots. • Maximum amount of Color Shots per 2 oz. of color: 6 shots. • If 3-6 shots of Color Shots per 2 oz. of color are used, additional developer is not necessary. • Important: Color Shots is NOT recommended to be used alone, or with the color XG , POP XG , The Demi, Paul Mitchell lighteners or INKWORKS . How it works: Intensifies or neutralizes tones in permanent, semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair color formulas. Added bonus: Delivers true-to-tone, radiant results that endure. ® ® ® ® ® ® ® TM ® ® SIZE (OZ): 2 Wipe Out ® Liquid Color Remover What it does: Removes color stains from skin. How it works: Apply liquid remover to cotton or a clean towel, then rub skin gently to remove color stains. Added bonus: Gentle formula won’t irritate sensitive skin. SIZE (OZ): 8.5 COLOR CRAFT ® The Relaxer ™ What it does: Addresses all hair types and textures to achieve just the right amount of curl reduction. How it works: Innovative formula penetrates quickly and greatly reduces reversion. Added bonus: Rich cream base is easy to apply, easy to rinse and has a fresh, clean fragrance for beautiful, conditioned results and a pleasant service experience. PRESCRIBE. PRESERVE. PROTECT. Maintain existing color longer, make a fashionable statement or take the plunge into new hair color territory with Color Craft Custom Color Treatment. ® SIZE (OZ): 30 Custom Color Treatment Paul Mitchell ® Permanent Waves What is does: Colorless conditioning treatment that provides Acid, Alkaline and Exothermic Formulas What it does: Three perm formulas create the right wave for the right client. • Acid: Ideal for tinted and 50% highlighted hair. • Alkaline: Ideal for resistant, normal, gray and white hair. • Exothermic: Ideal for resistant, normal and fine hair. How it works: Thio-free formula helps reduce skin irritation and diminishes the traditional perm odor. Added bonus: Reduces the risk of over-processing and leaves hair in excellent condition. customized color maintenance in the salon and at home. How it works: Stylists mix Liquid Color Concentrates with the colorless Custom Color Treatment to match a guest’s hair color. The rich conditioning treatment delivers customized color between salon visits with healthy-looking results. Added bonus: May also be used on natural hair color to enhance desired tones. SIZES (OZ): 0.7 6.9 Liquid Color Concentrate Available in 8 Shades What it does: Intermixable liquid pigments to customize the colorless Custom Color Treatment allow stylists to craft the color-depositing treatment to address a guest’s color challenges. How it works: The concentrated pigments contain direct dyes that are suspended in a positively charged base, ensuring even distribution of color and maximum adherence to hair. Added Bonus: May be used for easy color corrections. SIZE (OZ): 3 CACAO 10 ASH WALNUT CHESTNUT HONEYCOMB MANDARIN PAPRIKA LAPIS MODEL FORMULAS Left | Everyday Rosé Right | No Fade Allowed Misty Violet 15 pumps (7.5 g/ml) + Paprika 3 pumps (1.5 g/ml) + Lapis 1 pump (0.5 g/ml) + Custom Color Treatment jar (200 g/ml) Paprika 20 pumps (10 g/ml) + Lapis 15 pumps (7.5 g/ml) + Misty Violet 5 pumps (2.5 g/ml) + Custom Color Treatment jar (200 g/ml) MISTY VIOLET 11