Brochures Product Guide 2018 - Page 56

MITCH ® CONCENTRATED. HIGH-PERFORMANCE. MODERN. Double Hitter ® Heavy Hitter ® 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner What it does: Washes and conditions in one step and leaves hair full and healthy-looking. How it works: Conditioning ingredients provide improved detangling with a soft, light finish. Added bonus: Hearty lather rinses clean with a fresh scent. Daily Deep Cleansing Shampoo What it does: Washes away dirt and product buildup for a powerful clean. How it works: Invigorates and deep cleans without stripping natural oils; great for daily use. Added bonus: Refreshing cedar and agave scent leaves hair smelling great. SIZES (OZ): 8.5 33.8 SIZES (OZ): 8.5 33.8 Reformer ® Matterial ™ Strong Hold • Matte Finish Texturizer What it does: Pliable putty styler with a powerful hold bulks up fine or thin hair. How it works: Thickening ingredients leave hair full and healthy-looking, while powerful fixatives lock the style in place. Added bonus: Creates gritty, modern texture and a matte finish. SIZES (OZ): 0.35 3 Strong Hold • Ultra-Matte Styling Clay What it does: Powerful styling clay bulks up texture with a dry, ultra-matte finish. How it works: Thickening ingredients and strong fixatives grip hair and lock it in place. Natural clay creates a matte feel and eliminates shine. Added bonus: Makes hair look and feel thicker for modern, textured looks. Clean Cut ® Barber’s Classic ® Medium Hold • Semi-Matte Styling Cream What it does: Forms clean, no-fuss looks. How it works: Pliable hold lets you shape and reshape with lasting control, while conditioning ingredients leave hair soft and manageable. Added bonus: Subtle texture works well on any hair type. Moderate Hold • High Shine Pomade What it does: Great for classic styles and slicked-back looks; tames curls and waves with smooth control. How it works: Smoothing and conditioning ingredients make hair easier to handle, while a long-lasting styling fixative locks hair in place. Added bonus: Works through hair quickly with comb or fingers. SIZES (OZ): 0.35 3 SIZE (OZ): 3 Hardwired ® Construction Paste ® Maximum Hold • Spiking Glue What it does: A must-have for spiked and extreme looks; provides powerhouse control that lasts as long as you want it. How it works: Powerful hair fixative delivers superior all-day hold. Added bonus: Distributes easily and won’t flake out. Elastic Hold • Mesh Styler What it does: Flexible, webby texture forms and separates—great for messy, undone styles. How it works: Long-lasting styling fixatives secure the style, while conditioning ingredients leave hair soft and manageable. Added bonus: Crunch-free finish with no flaking. SIZE (OZ): 3 SIZE (OZ): 2.5 SIZE (OZ): 2.5 Steady Grip ® Firm Hold • Natural Shine • Gel What it does: Shapes any style with lasting hold and makes hair look and feel thicker. How it works: Long-lasting styling fixatives deliver all-day hold, while shine enhancers give hair a natural-looking polish. Added bonus: Alcohol-free formula fights flaking and drying. SIZE (OZ): 5.1 56 POWERED BY STYLE 57