Brochures Fall 2017 - Page 46

Adult Tennis PLEASE NOTE: See page 39 for no-class date listings. Class Make Up Policy The Park District does not guarantee a participant’s ability to make up a class that is missed. Please take a moment to call our desk at 847.433.5450 and let us know about any future absence. Please follow these guidelines when making up a class. 1. There is a limit of two make-ups per session. 2. Classes may only be made up during the session that the classes were missed. 3. Participant must make up at their level or below; never above. 4. If participant did not notify DCRC of an absence prior to their scheduled lesson, they are not able to make up that class. 5. If participant shows up to a class that is full, they may not attend the class. 6. If participant does not show up after reserving a spot, it will still count as their make-up. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Notice: Participant to Pro Ratio Prior to a new session, adult classes with: 1. One participant will be cancelled and participant will be moved 2. Two participants in any 1.5 hour class will be reduced to 1 hour for the same price 3. Two participants in any 1 hour class will be reduced to 45 minutes for the same price The class may revert back to the original scheduled time once there is a third participant. Notice: Private Classes Private classes must be a full class with a 4 player to 1 pro ratio. If class is not full, the class will not be considered private. Other students will be allowed to join the class and use class for make- ups. Private classes must run the full length of the indoor season. Add-A-Class Discount Sign up for a second or third class and get 5% off*. Sign up for 4 or more classes and get 10% off*. Applies to all membership types. In-person only registration. *Discounts are per family per session–all family members must register at the same time to receive discount. Discount applies only to Deer Creek Racquet Club class of equal or lower price. Discounts apply to members only; not non-member family members. 46 Adult Tennis Programs Aug 28-Nov 22 Start ReStart Tennis An entry-level USTA program for adult beginners who are not members, or have not been a part of a Deer Creek Tennis program. Fee may be used towards 1.0-1.5 Drill & Play to continue the tennis experience during the next session. 7 weeks. Aug 29-Oct 10 4002410-A Tu 10:30-11:30am $159 1.0-1.5 Drill and Play 4002410-B M 12-1pm 4002410-C W 12-1pm 4002410-D Sa 8-9am $294/322/352 $318/349/385 $245/269/294 2.0 Drill & Play 4002420-A 4002420-B 4002420-C 4002420-D Tu W Th F 9-10:30am 12-1pm 12-1pm 9-10:30am $478/523/578 $318/349/385 $294/322/352 $441/483/528 10:30am-Noon 9-10:30am 8:30-10pm 9-10:30am $441/483/528 $441/483/528 $441/483/528 $441/483/528 10:30am-Noon 7:30-9pm 10:30am-Noon 7:30-9pm 9-10:30am 1-2:30pm 10:30am-Noon 8:30-10pm 10:30am-Noon 11am-Noon $441/483/528 $441/483/528 $478/523/578 $478/523/578 $478/523/578 $478/523/578 $441/483/528 $441/483/528 $441/483/528 $245/269/294 1-2:30pm 7:30-9pm 1-2:30pm 1-2:30pm 9-10:30am $441/483/528 $441/483/528 $478/523/578 $478/523/578 $441/483/528 2.5 Drill & Play 4002425-A 4002425-B 4002425-C 4002425-D M Th Th F 3.0 Drill & Play 4002430-A 4002430-B 4002430-C 4002430-D 4002430-E 4002430-F 4002430-G 4002430-H 4002430-I 4002430-J M M Tu Tu rrFFb62RG&bC#C3RC#C3R"C#C3R2C#C3RBC#C3RR&F7G&7BbvB&( "Cr33( "F&pGRrb