Brochure Winter 2019 - Page 9

PLACES of the Glenview Park District Discover more about the Glenview Park District facilities, parks and program sites for recreation, preservation, nature, history and education. RECOGNIZING THE IMPACT OF INNOVATION Employee-driven innovation, it turns out, isn't just for Fortune 500 companies. Encouraging staff to pursue new ideas and creative solutions furthers the park district's mission of enhancing people's lives. The Glenview Park District IMPACT Award recognizes staff members who successfully implement an innovative idea that improves organizational processes and provides the highest quality programs and services to our community. Twelve nominations were submitted in the award's first year, including an online group fitness scheduling platform which makes it easier than ever to find real-time class information. The Park District Board of Commissioners recognized this as the finest example of an innovation that makes a positive impact on the way we serve and collaborate with residents. Launched just over a year ago, nearly 80 percent of active group fitness members now use the PCHF mobile app, which is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Group Fitness Coordinator Regina Mundt spearheaded the idea after attending fitness industry conferences where she discovered colleagues around the country were posting real-time class information on their websites. Mundt took the idea to fellow staff members, and together, they came up with an even better concept - an app that now has over 1,000 active installations. “With more than 75 percent of people accessing online information from a mobile device, what better way to give them real-time class information than with a mobile app. It’s very user friendly and we’ve had so much positive feedback from our members,” said Mundt. The app shows a full list of the more than 125 group fitness classes available and is searchable by category, location, From left to right: Board President Dave Dillon, Regina Mundt, Beth Jacobson, Kathleen McInnis, Lynne Brenner, Executive Director Michael McCarty class name and instructor. It lists class times and class descriptions – some even have videos. The app also displays cancellations and changes in class location or instructor. Mundt says this is especially helpful in the winter months. “When instructors can’t get through because of the snow or ice and the fitness center is still open, it is great to be able to communicate any last minute changes. We are able to input changes in seconds. Members have really appreciated that,” said Mundt. As more users began turning to the app, fitness staff added a new reservation system. Users can reserve their spot in some classes through the app. "For classes that tend to fill up fast, like ones in the warm water therapy pool, it's helpful to know ahead of time if you are going to be in the class, instead of showing up and being turned away at the door," said Mundt. Another benefit of the app is its contributions to make the park district a little greener. Because members can find class information on their phones and online, the park district doesn’t have to print as many class schedules. “In the past, people would pick up a piece of paper to see their class times and then toss it. Now, they can find more information than ever with the app. If someone asks for a piece of paper, we can print a schedule for them, but we’re saving paper by doing it this way and that’s a win-win for us and for the people we serve,” said Mundt. PLACES ▪ 5