Brochure Winter 2019 - Page 55

EARLY CHILDHOOD ART BRIGHT BEGINNINGS: PARENT/CHILD Early creative experiences are the key to learning. Bright Begin- nings class will stimulate your child’s sensory skills using vari- ous colors and textures as you discover and test your artistic abilities together. Guided by an instructor, parents and children work as a team to create new, unique projects each week. AGES 2-6 YRS. + ADULT ID# DAY/TIME DATES 2040015-B W • 9:30-10:15 am 1/16-3/6 2040015-C Th • 9:30-10:15 am 1/17-3/7 2040015-A Th • 1:30-2:15 pm 1/17-3/7 FEE (R/NR) $105/$130 $105/$130 $105/$130 YOUNG REMBRANDTS All materials are provided. New lessons each session! PRESCHOOL ARTISTS Alleviate any creative dormancy with a fun-filled Young Rembrandts drawing class! We begin with a lesson that teaches students about simple figure drawing as they create a snowman using basic geometric shapes. Penguin drawings will excite the imagination and our patterned giraffe and feathery owl will provide a great introduction to drawing animals. AGES 4-6 YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES FEE (R/NR) 2040040-G W • 4:15-5 pm 1/16-3/20 $205/$256 ELEMENTARY AGE ARTISTS Learn about basic design and composition as they draw a boot still life, detailed armadillo and a hockey player. Besides strengthening your child's drawing and coloring skills, they will learn a little art history as we present lessons featuring master artists Leonardo Da Vinci and Franz Marc. AGES 6-12 YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES FEE (R/NR) 2040040-D W • 5:15-6 pm 1/16-3/20 $205/$256 CARTOONISTS Learn about exaggeration and drawing facial expressions in our lessons entitled "Cold Faces" and "Dad Expressions." Stu- dents will create fully realized cartoon characters by personify- ing cuddly polar bears in our "Cold Weather Friends" lesson. AGES 6-12 YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES FEE (R/NR) 2040040-C W • 6:15-7 pm 1/16-3/20 $205/$256 WINTER BREAK CAMP Try three different art mediums. On day one, we’ll work on drawing skills and complete one large drawing. On day two, we’ll focus on pastel techniques and complete a 12 x 18 inch masterpiece. On day three, we combine mediums to create a piece of artwork. New and experienced students welcome! Please wear a smock on the second day. AGES 6-12 YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES FEE (R/NR) 2040040-A W-F • 10-11:30 am 12/26-12/28 $95/$119 2040040-B W-F • 1-2:30 pm 12/26-12/28 $95/$119 _____________________________________________________________________________ DINOSAUR PALEO ART CLASS Reconstruct the past using art and science! This class included a study of real dinosaur bones, dinosaur skeleton assembly, molding and casting, estimating dinosaur sizes, colors, and movement! Each student will learn to take scientific data and apply it to their own artistic interpretations. AGES 4-7 YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES 2060010-G Tu • 4:30-5:30 pm 2/19-3/19 FEE (R/NR) $250/$313 MULTIMEDIA ART Explore new materials, upcycled and found artifacts as we create sculptures, collages, felt creatures and a hand stitched sketchbook to fill up at home. This class is for students who like to make things and improvise. Wire, watercolor, wood and felt are a few of the materials we will utilize in this creative, inventive class. ID# DAY/TIME DATES FEE (R/NR) AGES 7-10 YRS. 2040013-A Tu • 4-5:15 pm 1/15-3/19 $210/$262 AGES 11-14 YRS. 2040013-B Th • 4-5:30 pm 1/17-3/21 $240/$300 Take note ✔ ✔ All Cultural Arts programs take place at Park Center, 2400 Chestnut Ave. unless otherwise noted. ✔ ✔ 4 ways to register: Online at, in person, via fax, by mail. ✔ ✔ Resident Priority Registration begins Th, November 8. ✔ ✔ Questions? Call 847-724-5670 ✔ ✔ General Registration begins M, November 19. 51