Brochure Winter 2019 - Page 26

Fitness THE WEEKLY BRICK? DON’T MIND IF I DO Join USA Triathlon Expert Coach Drew Surinsky for indoor bike-run workouts with a mindful approach. The Brick is both highly challenging and essential to multisport condition- ing. The Weekly Brick class provides participants with expert coaching in a fun and social environment. AGES 18+ YRS. ID# DAY/TIME 2011040-G Sa • 7-9 pm DATES 1/12-3/2 FEE (R/NR) $320/$350 BOGAFIT – HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING ON WATER BOGAFiT is an innovative fitness program that also incorpo- rates yoga to build strength, deepen flexibility, and improve balance and coordination while balanced on a tethered board in water. The proven benefits connected to working in water go beyond physical in this class, touching the mind and spirit as well. Get connected! This specialized small group training is led by a certified personal trainer. Call 224-521-2598. Early bird special: register by 12/31. AGES 16+ YRS. ID# DAY/TIME 2011044-A W • 7-7:55 pm 2011044-B Sa • 10-10:55 am 2011044-E W • 7-7:55 pm 2011044-F Sa • 10-10:55 am DATES 1/9-2/13 1/12-2/16 2/20-3/27 2/23-3/30 EB FEE $150 $150 $150 $150 FEE $180 $180 $180 $180 Pre-Registration Note: Written physician’s clearance required. PWR! CIRCUIT/ROCK STEADY BOXING A high energy Parkinson Disease specific workout that draws on PWR! Moves and boxing conditioning. We'll work on bal- ance, posture, gait, agility, strength and endurance. AGES 18+ YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES 2011042-A M/F • 1-2 pm 1/7-3/1 2011042-B M/F • 2:15-3:15 pm 1/7-3/1 FEE $320 $320 PWR! MOVES PWR! Moves is Parkinson's Disease specific exercise, build of fundamental motions performed with high effort and focus, and scientifically designed to target symptoms of Parkinson Disease. This class is all PWR! Moves all the time and they can be done in so many positions, anyone can participate. AGES 18+ YRS. ID# DAY/TIME 2011042-D Tu • 1-2 pm DATES 1/8-3/26 FEE $120 SPECIALTY FITNESS – YOUTH FIT 4 KIDS PRENATAL YOGA Connect with your body and baby. Focus on breath, body and mind through safe poses. No prior yoga experience is neces- sary. Taught by certified prenatal yoga instructor Andrea Miller. AGES 16+ YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES 2011050-A Tu • 6:15-7:10 pm 1/15-2/19 PWR! PARKINSON’S WELLNESS RECOVERY EXERCISE PROGRAM FEE $108 Give your kids a healthy start to a great life with a fun-filled fitness class. Activities include running, jumping, obstacle courses, games and yoga. We will use balls, hula hoops, jump ropes and music to guide us through our activities. AGES 3-5 YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES 2011000-E Tu • 1-2 pm 1/8-4/9 2011000-A Th • 1-2 pm 1/10-4/4 2011000-B F • 9:30-10:30 am 1/11-4/12 No class on 2/19, 3/1, 3/26, 3/28, 3/29 FEE (R/NR) $204/$225 $204/$225 $204/$225 TRANSITION TRI TEAM Join USA Triathlon Youth and Junior and Level I certified Coach Anne Caudill and the Transition Tri Team, the only North Shore triathlon program solely committed to the training and develop- ment of junior athletes. We will be using the spin bikes and indoor track, as well as incorporating fun, age related strength circuits. Note: Tuesdays workout will be BIKE focus and Saturday workouts will be RUN focus. For more information, contact Anne Caudill at YOGA FOR GOLFERS Stay fit for golf during the offseason. Each week Megan Miller, a certified Yoga for Golfers® instructor, will lead you through a variety of yoga poses specifically for golfers. AGES 16+ YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES FEE (R/NR) 2011051-A M • 6:45-7:45 pm 1/28-3/11 $90/$110 2011051-B W • 12-1 pm 1/30-3/13 $90/$110 No class on 2/18, 2/20 22 ▪ Health and Fitness AGES 8-15 YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES 2011002-A Tu • 4:15-5:10 pm 2/5-4/9 2011002-B Sa • 8:30-9:30 am 2/9-3/30 No class on 2/19, 3/26 FEE $136 $136 MIDDLE SCHOOL YOGA Join Megan, a certified yoga instructor, each week to learn desig- nated yoga moves specifically for you! Explore many yoga poses that cultivate strength, flexibility and create a positive body image. Class will work on building self-esteem and confidence through a playful mix of heart-opening yoga poses, thoughtful discussion, meditation and breathe work. AGES 11-14 YRS. ID# DAY/TIME 2011052-A M • 4-5 pm No class on 2/18 DATES FEE 1/28-3/11 $90/$110