Brochure Winter 2019 - Page 22

Fitness PERSONAL TRAINING SMALL GROUP TRAINING Let our nationally certified trainers customize a fitness program for you. Whether you goal is weight loss, increase strength, improved endurance, training for an event or just to have more energy to do the things you love! We are here to help you! Create a small group (3-4 people) and enjoy motivation and camaraderie with others who share the same fitness goals. # of Sessions PCHF Member Nonmember 1 $93 ($31/person based off 3 people) $108 ($36/person based off 3 people) 5 $465 ($31/person/session based off 3 people) $540 ($36/person/session based off 3 people) ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING Work with a personal trainer for individual attention to your fitness needs. # of Sessions PCHF Member Nonmember 1 $75 $80 3 $61/session $66/session 5 $56/session $61/session 10 $53/session $58/session 20 $51/session $56/session PARTNER TRAINING (2 PEOPLE) Team up with a friend, spouse, or child (11 and over) to share a one-hour session with one of our personal trainers. # of Sessions PCHF Member Nonmember 1 $46/person $51/person 3 $43/person/session $48/person/session 5 $40/person/session $45/person/session 10 $37/person/session $42/person/session Specialized Small Group Training also available! Call Lynne Brenner at 224-521-2598 for more information. PILATES TRAINING IN OUR PRIVATE STUDIO A Certified Pilates Instructor will create a customized workout for you based on your needs. Our fully equipped studio includes Reformer, Mat, Ladder Barrel, Cadillac, Tower, Wunda Chair, Electric Chair, Spine Corrector & Barrel and Pedi Pole as well as accessory equipment. We also offer Partner Pilates Training, a cost effective workout to benefit you and a partner. # of Sessions One-on-One Member/Nonmember Partner (Per Person) Member/Nonmember 1 $82/$87 $67/$72 3 $216/$231 $183/$198 5 $330/$335 $280/$305 10 $630/$680 $510/$560 To set up one-on-one, partner or small group personal training or Pilates sessions contact Lynne Brenner at 224-521-2598 or GROUP FITNESS CLASSES Get motivated, have fun and reach your fitness goals with a wide variety of group fitness classes. Whether you are new or a long-time group fitness participant, there’s something for everyone! GROUP FITNESS CLASS FEES Group fitness classes are open to both Park Center Health and Fitness members and nonmembers ages 14 years and older. Passes are available in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20 or an unlimited 30 consecutive day class pass! (see below for more details). Park Center Health and Fitness members and resident senior citizens receive a discount on group Fitness passes. 18 1 Class Pass 5 Class Pass 10 Class Pass 20 Class Pass Unlimited Class Pass PCHF Member $10 $45 ($9/class) $85 ($8.50/class) $160 ($8/class) N/A Resident $12 $52.50 ($10.50/class) $100 ($10/class) $190 ($9.50/class) $70 for 30 consecutive days Nonresident $15 $65 ($13/class) $125 ($12.50/class) $240 ($12/class) $90 for 30 consecutive days Senior (Resident only) $10 $42.50 ($8.50/class) $80 ($8/class) $150 ($7.50/class) $65 for 30 consecutive days If you want to take an unlimited number of classes without being a member, we offer a 30 consecutive day or yearly Unlimited Group Fitness Class Pass. Pass does not include the fitness center, locker rooms or pool usage.