Brochure Summer 2018 - Page 87

THE GROVE REDFIELD ESTATE 1421 Milwaukee Avenue, Weddings . . . Ceremonies and/or Receptions, Special Family Parties and more… Let nature and history inspire your event at the charming Redfield Estate. You’re sure to enjoy the beautiful venue surrounded by forest, spacious lawn and gardens. Located at The Grove, a 145 acre Nature Preserve. Experience the enchanting house, built in 1929, with all its unique features including the Great Room, lovely bride’s room and patio. Celebrate, dine and dance in the gorgeous stone covered pavilion complete with outdoor fireplace. Accommodates up to 125. For more information and tours, call 847-298-0095. WAGNER FARM HERITAGE CENTER 1510 Wagner Road, Searching for a fun and unusual location for your next cocktail party, special dinner or corporate event…one your guests won’t stop talking about for months? Consider Wagner Farm’s award- winning Heritage Center, an exceptional museum setting at a working dairy farm, for cocktail parties, special dinners and corporate events. Picture your guests wandering through the museum’s 1930s grocery store, learning about farming from the interactive exhibits, exploring the barn and pastures or just relaxing on the front porch overlooking the farm’s sprawling grounds. Whatever the occasion, our exclusive caterer, Catered by Design, will assist you in selecting the perfect menu and handle all of the details to make your event unforgettable. The museum can accommodate up to 200 guests. Larger gathe &w266&R66FFVBvFFVBFrFRW6WVf"f&F6CrcSrSbDR4T$U4RBFRvVfWr&&R6V #vW7BRfVVRvVfWw&2&pBW"WB66vFW&rBFRvVfWp&&R6V"6V&W6RB267V6f'F&P76RFN( 2FVf"&'FF6VV'&F2vVFFr&'6vW'2&WF&VVB'FW0B&RvFVGb&rf"W wVW7G2FFRFV26W'G26&RFFV@F&VFBF66VFVBW&ǒ&FR6V&W6RVFW26VFSF"fWvr&VbFFR6W'G2( WFF"FV6fW&rvb6W'6R( &"&VvF&vR67&VVEg2( fBB&WfW&vR6W'f6R( "g&VRvf( 6f&W6R( "6f'F&RgW&GW&Pf"&FW2Bf&RFFW26CrcSrc3p"V&7FVV6vVfWw&2&rf"FRFRG&V&WB7V66VV'&F'W6W72&WG&VB&GV7FfRVWFr FFRvFW&rFRvVfWr&F7G&7B2FRW&fV7B6Ff"W"WBWfVB