Brochure Summer 2018 - Page 8

UP THE (POOL) LADDER: MAGGIE CUNNINGHAM PEOPLE & of the Glenview Park District A feature that shines the spotlight on people who help create enriching and enjoyable recreational experiences at the Glenview Park District. Maggie Cunningham doesn’t refer to her favorite time of year as “summer.” Instead she calls the months of June, July and August “Pool Season!” As an Aquatics Supervisor for the Glenview Park District, Cunningham can't wait for the opening of the park district's two outdoor pools. She is especially looking forward to meeting new seasonal staff members, welcoming back returning staff and showing everyone just how amazing it is to work in aquatics. Cunningham’s history with the Glenview Park District dates back to her high school years. What started as a part-time summer job in 2011, working concessions at Roosevelt Pool, has turned into a career she loves. In college, Maggie even interned with the aquatics department. After graduating from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science degree in hospitality and tourism management, she was offered a full time Aquatics Supervisor position. Pools have been part of Cunningham’s life since she was young. “I grew up spending my summers swimming at Roosevelt Pool nearly every day. So when I turned 16, it was the first place I applied to work. I thought this would be a great way to give back to the community. I really enjoy being able to provide kids just like I was, a fun, safe and positive place to spend their summer,” said Cunningham. While doing her college internship, Maggie realized she wanted to pursue a career in recreation, specifically aquatics. That’s when she challenged herself to become a lifeguard. "I obtained my Starguard Lifeguard Certification and my Starguard Instructor Certification and took on the role of facility manager at both Flick and Roosevelt Pools,” said Cunningham. Q. What do you do as an aquatics supervisor? Maggie: If it is in the aquatics department I have my hands on it! My main responsibilities include recruiting, hiring, and training all aquatics staff, particularly lifeguards, all year long. I oversee the daily operations of the outdoor pools and concessions stands and I co-manage Splash Landings with my counterpart, Andy Swinkunas. I also manage the Glenview Aquatics Facebook and Instagram accounts. Maggie and her younger brother on opening day two summers ago Q. How did lifeguarding prepare you to become an aquatics supervisor? Maggie: It helped me to understand the safety and emergency management side of the aquatics operations. We hire approximately 200-250 lifeguards throughout the year and I have to train them all. It helps to have that experience. Q. What is the most important thing you want to tell parents and caregivers about how to keep their kids safe at the pools this summer? Maggie: R Vv&FW72b6Bw2vR"7v֖r&ƗGB2fFFB&VG2B6&VvfW'2vF6FV"6G&VBFW2B&VBFRvFW"ƖfVwV&G2&RFW&RFVVf&6R'VW0B&W7BFVW&vV76GVF2FR2bFRW76V6PvV6G&VVVBVB&VB"6&VvfW"v2&v@WBFFVv&R&RF&fFRVFFR767F6RvBFRvBFFVƖfVwV&G2v&RWrFFR#vvSF2"2'FB6W&W2B&Wv&FrGFW vB6&VW"RfRFR&Rv2vrF&R&RF6( Ēv2ƖfVwV&B&W76&Rf"VWrVR6f^( F6rR&RFWVF&R&W76&RB&W7V7F&R7VW"76W2&R6Rr6VRvW2##f"&Rf&F@vVfWw&2&r)jT