Brochure Summer 2018 - Page 61

For grades 3-9 The Glenview Park District and Glenview School District 34 have formed a new partnership that has resulted in the park district taking over the Summer School Enrichment Offerings. LOCATION: Attea Middle School REGISTER: or in person at Park Center FEE: $325 residents/$400 nonresidents DATES: M-F, June 11-July 13 (No class 7/4) TIMES: 8:30-10:15 am & 10:25 am-12:10 pm CREATE A CHARACTER Instructor Kristin Cone uses a physical based theatre tech- nique to help students stand out at auditions with confidence and be able to transform into any character. Students explore characters, different settings, create dialogue and work on a final performance piece. ID# DAY/TIME 4060030-E M-F • 10:25 am-12:10 pm SCREENWRITING Instructor Kathy Morley teaches students how to create a story (plot, character, setting, etc.) for the screen using proper screenwriting formats and techniques. This class is a great way to strengthen narrative writing (and reading) skills while using a new creative outlet. ID# DAY/TIME 4060030-F M-F • 8:30-10:15 am 4060030-G M-F • 10:25 am-12:10 pm HOOKED ON CROCHET Students learn five basic crochet stitches, which can be applied to create key chains, scarves, blankets and more. Instructor Kristi Miller will provide plenty of side-by-side guid- ance and will introduce a new stitch or pattern reading most days and students will have the remainder of class to choose what practice on individually. Returning students can refine stitches, and work on advanced projects. ID# DAY/TIME 4060030-H M-F • 10:25 am-12:10 pm HANDS-ON ALGEBRA Use the Hands-On Equations programs to learn how to solve equations; from basic one-step equations, up to multi-step linear equations you would see in 7th grade. Also, learn about how to work with integers and solve equations that have integers and fractions in them. As we learn how to solve equa- tions, we will also explore hands-on activities that involve algebra in the real world. Note: this class focuses on begin- ning and intermediate algebra, not reaching concepts such as quadratics or systems of equations. ID# DAY/TIME 4060030-L M-F • 10:25 am-12:10 pm BASIC CHINESE SUMMER ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS In this fun class taught by Opal Perlow, students learn the basics of Mandarin Chinese. The class will use visual images to help retain vocabulary and explore writing Chinese charac- ters with brushes and calligraphy. Chinese games, culture, customs and lifestyle will also be explored. ID# DAY/TIME 4060030-O M-F • 8:30-10:15 am 4060030-P M-F • 10:25 am-12:10 pm BOARD GAME GEEKING Jason Kieronski instructs as you play party games, card games, strategy games and cooperative games. Learn and play all the top titles, such as Five Tribes, Pandemic, 7 Wonders, Downforce and Sushi Go! Improve forward thinking skills, creative problem-solving ability and social communication. ID# DAY/TIME 4060030-Q M-F • 8:30-10:15 am 4060030-R M-F • 10:25 am-12:10 pm HIGHER LEVEL BASKETBALL SKILLS Former college player, AAU coach and current Attea Middle School coach Scott Zellmann helps to bring your basketball game to the next level. This class will cover pick and roll basics and reads, higher level attacking dribble moves, 9 finishing moves, offensive footwork, post moves and shooting fundamen- tals. Note: excellent listening skills and effort required as this is a higher level class beyond basic basketball fundamentals. ID# DAY/TIME 4060030-C M-F • 8:30-10:15 am 4060030-D M-F • 10:25 am-12:10 pm MATH MADNESS This course is for anyone interested in walking off the beaten path and exploring mathematics in ways that don't often oc- cur in classrooms! Explore the math and some history behind secret messages and codes, learn about the Pythagorean Theorem and use it to solve challenges, discover the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Ratio, investigate how scientists use math, and explore percentages. Students also study geometry through hands-on explorations. ID# DAY/TIME 4060030-K M-F • 8:30-10:15 am If you have any questions, contact Ann Marie Shipstad at 224- 521-2558, or email Summer Enrichment ▪ 57