Brochure Summer 2018 - Page 52


Emergency Closings & Cancellations
The Glenview Park District strives to keep its facilities and programs operating whenever possible . There may be times , however , when weather , road conditions or facility malfunctions dictate that programs and / or services must be cancelled or temporarily postponed or entire facilities closed . In such cases , the Glenview Park District reserves the right to close a particular facility or cancel a program based on the following criteria :
Whenever an unscheduled closing or cancellation occurs , the park district will make every effort to communicate to patrons via the park district Rainout Hotline Service , the website glenviewparks . org , the park district Cancellation Hotline 847-724-3337 and the metropolitan Chicago Emergency Closing Center .
1 . Local School Closings Whenever School District 34 cancels school due to weather conditions , all Park Center Preschool classes and all programs held at school sites will also be cancelled . Closing other park district facilities or canceling classes will be made on a case by case basis . Park district facilities themselves shall remain open for nonscheduled activities ( e . g . fitness and tennis club use , public skating , museum visits , etc .) unless specifically directed to close due to weather conditions .
2 . Facility Specific Conditions In the event that conditions prompting closing arise at a specific facility ( e . g . high winds , power outages , equipment malfunctions , flooding ), classes may be cancelled or the facility temporarily closed until the condition has been resolved .
3 . Strike Guard Alarm System The Strike Guard lightning prediction system is designed to detect lightning in a local area BEFORE lightning strikes . Its advance warning system allows decisions regarding dangerous situations to be proactive , not reactive . Even though the Strike Guard System helps assess potentially dangerous conditions , neither the signal nor the system is intended to guarantee that conditions are safe . Participants using outdoor facilities should take appropriate shelter when the warning signals are activated . If the weather is threatening but no warning signal is heard or seen , use good judgment and clear the area . Do not wait for the warning signal to activate .
Warning Signal to Suspend Activities : One 15-second blast of the horn signals that outside activities should be suspended ( if equipped , astrobe light will begin flashing and remain flashing until safe conditions return ). You should immediately seek an appropriate safe shelter .
Notice that Activities May Resume : Three 5-second blasts of the horn signals that outdoor activities may resume ( the strobe light , if equipped , will also stop flashing ).
Strike Guard systems are activated each year from March – November during the outdoor athletic season . During that time , the systems are tested on the second Tuesday of every month intermittently throughout the day .
The system will cover the following areas : Flick Outdoor Pool , Flick Shelter Building , Community Park West , Crowley Park , Glenview Park Golf Club , The Grove National Historic Landmark , Apollo School , Westbrook School , Park Center , Gallery Park , Glenview Prairie Club , Roosevelt Outdoor Pool , Swenson Park , Glenview Tennis Club , Johns Park , Willow Park
Religious Holidays
The Glenview Park District will make every effort to avoid scheduling programs on a religious holiday including : the first meeting of a class , a registration deadline , a major youth social event or a general interest public hearing or meeting . Should a conflict occur , those individuals affected will be offered the option of attending a session of the same program on a different day as a make-up or receive a prorated refund of the series fee for the session missed .
Lost and Found
A lost-and-found service is maintained at each park district facility . Items found in parks are left there as the owner is likely to return to this location . Items not claimed within 30 days will be disposed of in accordance with Glenview Park District Policy 9.10 “ Lost Articles .”
Equal Access to Facilities & Programs
No participant shall , on the basis of race , sex , creed , age ( excepting those 17 and under , for whom special rules and policies may apply ), national origin or disability , be denied equal access to programs , activities , services or benefits , or be limited in the exercise of any right , privilege , advantage or opportunity .
Public Meetings
The Glenview Park Board of Commissioners meets the fourth Thursday of every month unless otherwise posted . These meetings , open to the public , begin at 7 pm and are held at Park Center , 2400 Chestnut Ave .
Americans with Disabilities Act
The Glenview Park District complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act ( ADA ) which prohibits discrimination in the provision of services , programs or facilities to individuals with disabilities . The District strives to serve individuals with disabilities through facility accessibility , program inclusion and communication devices . Adults and children with disabilities are encouraged to register for programs in this brochure . If you would like more information on inclusion , contact Joe Pollina , assistant director of Recreation at 224-521-2552 . Individuals with T . D . D .’ s can call 1-800-526-0844 , and the Illinois Relay Center will transmit the message to the park district .
Smoking Policy
There is no smoking allowed inside of or within 15 feet of any park district facility . This includes playgrounds , sports fields , sports courts and in any park during organized activities such as concerts , events and sports tournaments .
Character Counts
The Glenview Park District is a participant in the Character Counts program , a project of the Josephson Institute of Ethics . This program fosters community education in the six pillars of character : Trustworthiness , Respect for Others , Responsibility , Fairness , Caring and Citizenship . For more information on this program , visit ccglenview . org .
Code of Conduct
Behavior : Participants are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times . The following guidelines have been developed to make park district programs safe and enjoyable for all participants . ( Additional rules may be developed for particular programs and athletic leagues as deemed necessary by staff .) Participants shall show respect to all participants / staff , refrain from using foul language , refrain from causing bodily harm to other participants / staff , show respect for equipment , supplies and facilities , and comply with all other posted or published rules and guidelines .
Discipline : A positive approach will be used , to the extent reasonably possible . The park district reserves the right to dismiss a participant or exclude persons from future use or access to facilities for failure to comply with this code . Each situation will be evaluated on its own merit .
Are you covered ?
The park district does not carry medical or accident insurance for program participants .