Brochure Summer 2018 - Page 48

KEEPING YOU INFORMED INFORMATION AT THE CLICK OF A MOUSE Find information about the Glenview Park District by visiting Our homepage is updated daily. There you can find the latest digital brochure, register for programs using our online registration system and check our calendar of events as you plan your schedule. BROCHURE DELIVERY Our four seasonal brochures and camp brochure are mailed to households within park district boundaries. Please note the U.S. Postal Service does not forward bulk mail. Though we try our best, errors in code numbers, days, times or fees occasionally occur in the brochure. When such errors do occur, staff will advise you of the change as quickly as possible. DELIVERED TO YOUR IN-BOX Don’t miss another great event at the Glenview Park District! Subscribe to our e-newsletter at to receive updates via email. PHOTO RELEASE Photos and videos are periodically taken of people participating in Glenview Park District programs and activities. All persons reg- istering for park district programs/activities or using park district property thereby agree that any photograph or videotape taken by the park district may be used by the park district for promotional purposes including in its electronic media, videotapes, brochures, flyers and other publications without additional prior notice or permission and without compensation to the participant. RECREATION LEISURESHIPS (SCHOLARSHIPS) So every child can play The Glenview Park District believes that every child should have access to our programs regardless of their family’s financial situation. We have partnered with the Glenview State Bank and Glenview Youth Services to make recreation leisureships available year-round to families who find it difficult or otherwise impossible to register their children for park district programs due to financial constraints. Types of leisureships offered include: • Payment Plans allow participants to spread the payment of a program fee over a period of time • Partial Leisureships allow participants to pay a reduced fee for a program • Full Leisureships cover the total fee for a program The type of leisureship granted will be determined on an individual basis according to need. To receive more information or apply for a recreation leisureship, call Elsa Fischer, Superintendent of Leisure Services for the park district at 224-521-2246 or Alison Guenther of Glenview Youth Services at 847-724-2620. Leisureship applications, park district brochures and program registration forms are avail- able at Park Center, 2400 Chestnut Ave., the park district adminis- trative office at 1930 Prairie St. or Glenview Youth Services, 3080 W. Lake Ave. You may also download forms at Applications for leisureships must be returned, along with a com- pleted registration form, to the Glenview Youth Services office at 3080 W. Lake Ave. 44 ▪ KEEPING YOU INFORMED If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to support this important program, send a check payable to the Glenview Park District Leisureship Fund, 1930 Prairie St., Glenview, IL 60025-2800. CAREERS AT THE GLENVIEW PARK DISTRICT The Glenview Park District employs more than 100 full-time and several hundred part-time employees. Applications for full- and part-time positions are accepted year-round. Click on the Jobs tab at the top of the home page of our website,, to view and apply for available positions. CELEBRATE LIFE – PLANT A TREE! Each year, dozens of people choose to honor an individual, couple or group by making a tax-deductible donation of a tree to the Glen- view Park District. A tree is a wonderful way to: • • • • • • • Celebrate the birth of a child Observe a wedding anniversary Mark a special birthday Commemorate a graduation Honor a father or mother Remember a loved one Thank a favorite teacher To learn more about donating a tree, contact the following: At The Grove: Lorin Ottlinger, 224-521-2095 At Glenview Park Golf Club: Todd Vermillion, 224-521-2235 At Glenview Prairie Club: Ron Cassidy, 224-521-2206 At Wagner Farm: Todd Price, 224-521-2187 At a park: Ken Wexler, 224-521-2264 SPONSORSHIPS There are a number of opportunities for residents and businesses to sponsor our programs and events. If you are looking to support your community and provide name recognition for your company, contact AJ Sheth at 224-521-2291 for sponsorship opportunities. VOLUNTEER! ENHANCE YOUR LIFE WHILE HELPING OTHERS If you have the time to give and are looking for a way to make a difference in the world around you, consider volunteering at the Glenview Park District! Volunteers are vital to the success of many of the programs we offer. We use volunteers in many capacities at the Glenview Park District, including: • • • • • • Help with Restoration Days and animal care at The Grove Coach a Youth Athletic Team Assist with the many park district Special Events Participate in Clean-up Days Collect seeds at Tyner Interpretive Center Teach people about farming at Wagner Farm To learn more about volunteering, contact Elsa Fischer, superintendent of leisure services, at 224-521-2246 or