Brochure Summer 2018 - Page 26

YOUR COMMUNITY FITNESS CENTER! Park Center Health and Fitness is dedicated to fitness excellence and creating a great experience for you! AT PARK CENTER HEALTH AND FITNESS YOU’LL FIND: • A spacious fitness floor with state-of-the-art strength equipment, cardiovascular conditioning equipment, weight training equipment, free weights and custom-designed stretching area • Turf area for sports and conditioning exercises • Certified fitness instructors/personal trainers to help you achieve your fitness goals (page 24) • Over 120 Group Fitness classes offered each week (page 25) • Specialty fitness classes and training programs that focus on your specific interests (page 27) • Dedicated studios for Pilates [[\\¸(H[\]X]X[\]\ \[\H]\\\H YH JB(HH KZ[H[܈X[ [ \^H\][\ŠYH B(HY[\HY[Y[[HX]]Y\ YH B(H^\H\\][H[[\XB(HY\[Y\\\\Y^X\H YH B(H^XHY[X\\[ۜ[^[Y[[ YH BHTUB\[\X[[]\Z[H\’[Y\\Hو]\[\\\\[[\]X]X[\[X\[[K\Y[ L ӛۜ\Y[ MBUTSTQSPTTSQU΂ TUUSQB MML̍BSQUT˓ԑ‘UTԈT“KU8( H[KLLB8( H[KNBH H8( [KMBYHYH ܈[܈X\˂(H\Hو\ L  ]X\H]\܈[\\¸(HYZ\[ۈ\[[\]X]X[\\[œXX[H[\[H\ [Z]YY[X\\\\XY L[KMJB(HYHYZ\[ۈY[Y[[H YHYH B(H\[YY\ۈ[ܛ\]\\\¸(H\[Y[\H]\\]Z\Y[ܚY[][ۂ(HXH[(H^\\H[[]Hܘ[\¸(HYXY]HۈZ[H\\܈ۜ\Y[Y\¸(H]X\\HK[]]\(HY[X\[ۛHXX[[][”PPSUT T΂KX^H 8( [KLHBY[[ܚX[^JB[H 8(Y[\[[H^JBK]Y\ H8([] LH[BY\\[\[X]ۊ