Brochure Spring 2019 - Page 23

SPECIALTY FITNESS – ADULTS TOGETHER WE TRI SWIM TRAINING AQUATIC ARTHRITIS Coach Libby Hurley, owner of Together We Tri triathlon training program, Junior Olympian, 4-time Iron Man and author of Tri the Journey and other TWT certified swim coaches will help you become a better swimmer, regardless of your level. Work- outs include drills for continued technique work, sets, interval training and more. Participants should have basic swim comfort and be able to complete an 800-yard workout. We will complete 800-2500 yards each workout depending on your level. Individuals with arthritis work on a range of motion, stretch- ing and joint strengthening exercises. The class is taught by a Certified AEA and Arthritis Foundation Program Leader. AGES 18+ YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES FEE (R/NR) 3011001-K Sa • 6-7:15 am 3/16-4/20 $114/$139 AGES 16+ YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES FEE 3011031-A W • 10:30-11:30 am 4/10-5/15 $90 3011031-B Th • 2-3 pm 4/11-5/16 $90 3011031-C F • 10:30-11:30 am 4/12-5/17 $90 3011031-D W • 10:30-11:30 am 5/22-6/26 $90 3011031-E Th • 2-3 pm 5/23-6/27 $90 3011031-F F • 10:30-11:30 am 5/24-6/28 $90 MASTERS SWIM WORKOUT EXERCISE FOR BUILDING BONES ASCA Swim Coach and USA Triathlon Expert Coach Drew Surinsky will help you increase your effectiveness and comfort in the water with this 1000-2500 yard adult swim workout. Workouts include technique drills, intervals and submerged videotaping. Participants should have basic swimming skills and be able to complete the workout distance. The program includes safe, effective exercises for Osteopenia, Osteoporosis and bone health. Strength, cardio, balance and stretching movements will be taught by a personal trainer. AGES 16+ YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES FEE 3011040-J Th • 3-4 pm 4/4-5/9 $96 AGES 18+ YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES FEE (R/NR) 3011030-A Tu • 8-9:15 pm 3/12-4/30 $160/$200 PRENATAL YOGA OPEN WATER SKILLS MINI SESSION Hone your triathlon open-water swim skills in the pool! Improve your navigating and crowd management abilities. Coach Drew Surinsky is nationally certified as a swim coach and expert triathlon coach. AGES 16+ YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES FEE (R/NR) 3011030-B Tu • 8-9:15 pm 5/7-5/14 $40/$50 Connect with your body and baby. Focus on breath, body and mind through safe poses. No prior yoga experience is neces- sary. Taught by certified prenatal yoga instructor Andrea Miller. AGES 16+ YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES FEE 3011050-A Tu • 6:15-7:10 pm 3/5-4/9 $108 YOGA FOR GOLFERS Join Megan Miller a certified Yoga for Golfers instructor, as she leads you through a variety of yoga poses specifically for golfer. AGES 16+ YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES FEE 3011051-A M • 6:45-7:45 pm 4/1-5/6 $80 3011051-B W • 12-1 pm 4/3-5/8 $80 Take note ✔ ✔ Adult Specialty Fitness and Youth Fitness programs take ✔ ✔ Residents and PCHF members pay resident fees for Specialty Fitness programs. ✔ ✔ Resident Priority Registration begins Th, February 21. ✔ ✔ 4 ways to register: Online at, in person, via fax, by mail. place at Park Center, 2400 Chestnut Ave. ✔ ✔ General Registration begins M, March 4. ✔ ✔ Questions? Call 224-521-2598 19