Brochure Spring 2019 - Page 22

Fitness Triad: 15 minutes of cardio, 15 minutes of resistance training and 15 minutes of core work in this total body workout. TRX/TRX Basics/TRX Circuit: Suspension training for H.I.I.T.S.: High intensity interval training spin involves intense burst of exercise followed by short recovery periods. A total body strength workout and stretch follows. all levels! TRX uses your own body weight to increase mobility, flexibility and improve strength. Pursuit: Experience hills, valleys and a variety of drills in this WERQ®: Fiercely fun dance fitness class based on pop, rock Triple Threat: 40 minutes of high intensity interval cycling, and hip hop music and high energy dance steps. Zumba®: Combine motivating music with unique and easy moves that allow you to dance your worries away. Great for the body and mind. Zumba Gold®: Designed for the active, mature adult or the true beginner participant. Improve coordination and balance with this easy to follow workout. GROUP WATER FITNESS CLASSES Aqua: A water conditioning class that incorporates cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and improved body com- position. Use aqua dumbbells, noodles and resistance bands. Aqua Barre: Experience Barre Burn in the Warm Water Therapy Pool using the in-water rail as a barre. Great for warming muscles for stretch and strength. Aqua Circuit: Get a great total body workout alternating between cardio and resistance training in the pool. Aqua Zumba: Known as the Zumba “pool party,” Aqua Zumba blends together a safe, challenging, water-based work- out that’s cardio-conditioning and body-toning. Deep Aqua: Aqua joggers, noodles or suspension make this a challenging water workout. H2O Intervals: A high-intensity cardio and resistance workout in the water. Hydro Stretch and Tone: Perfect for those with muscle soreness, arthritis, back or joint pain. Works with all major muscle groups. Light Aqua: A lighter workout in the water, appropriate for participants recovering from hip and knee replacements, those looking to reduce joint pain or to increase range of motion, joint strength and flexibility. Tabaqua: A challenging water workout, alternating cardio drills with resistance training. high energy cycling class. followed by 20 minutes of core conditioning and stretch. GROUP YOGA & PILATES CLASSES Basic Yoga: Relax, strengthen and sooth your body and mind. Focus on increasing flexibility, balance and strength through various postures and breathing. Suitable for all levels. Flow Yoga 1 & 2: Energetic practice that connects the breath (pranayama) to movement with longer held poses (asanas). Refine your posture and move beyond limitations of the body and mind. Prerequisite: A strong yoga practice of at least 1 year. Flow Yoga 2 and 3 is for more advanced students. Healing/Gentle Yoga: Suitable for all levels, seniors and those with limitations or prior injury. Harness your mind and body’s natural healing potential. Yin Yoga: Gently loosen and stretch connective tissues, open- ing and restoring the joints. Consists primarily of seated poses held in a manner which allows gravity to do most of the work. Yin & Yang Yoga: Start by targeting connective tissues, ligaments and tendons with long held floor stretches. Follow up with a vigorous vinyasa flow to complete the perfectly bal- anced yoga class. Yoga for Athletes: Designed for the athlete in all of us looking to stretch muscles, build strength and improve mental focus to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury. Pilates: Full body, mat-based exercise based on techniques developed by Joseph Pilates. Concentrate on restoring muscu- lar balance, building strength, increasing flexibility and improv- ing coordination while improving body alignment and posture. Advanced Pilates: Prerequisite: Strong knowledge of Basic Pilates fundamentals and a minimum 1 year mat Pilates experience. Pilates Barre: Pilates-based fun, sculpt lean muscles with light weights & isometric movements, short mat sequence to work core and stretch to lengthen and tone. GROUP INDOOR CYCLING Cycle, Strength & Balance: This entry-level class will introduce participants to various cycling drills such as sprints and jumps, with intervals of upper body strength using resis- tance bands. Power Cycle/Power Cycle Express: Ride from the shoreline to the hills in this journey that is designed to provide you with the optimum in fat burning and strength building. For information on Group Fitness Classes, contact Regina Mundt at 224-521-2608 or Simulated Road Ride: Challenge yourself to improve your personal best in this customized indoor cycling experi- ence. PARK CENTER HEALTH AND FITNESS CLASS APP 18 ▪ Health and Fitness DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE!