Broadcast Beat Magazine September, 2015 - Page 89

The Impact on the Bottom Line

The ability to have control of content between the encoder and the Origin point enables powerful client insights and analytics, such as network stress and load, knowledge of cache miss rates from third-party CDNs. This information is extremely valuable and is the key to evolving the broadcaster’s role in the video delivery network.

With the ability to know more about the user experience, content popularity, and other key metrics, the more tools broadcasters have to win over and retain customer preference. This knowledge will also impact broadcaster’s ability to open up personalization capabilities, such as dynamic ad-insertion and slate insertions. It also enables easy integration of premium services, such as cloud DVR, multiscreen, VoD and niche content. Giving consumers what they want is a necessity. If you know what the end-user wants, you can deliver on these demands.

Content is King

What makes viewers pick up their favorite device to pass the time? What makes them binge watch seasons long of the latest must-watch show? The answer is simple - content. Content is where broadcasters have the most to gain with archives of usable content – In the majority of cases, decades worth of content.

From classic black and white footage of the man landing on the moon, to major breaking news events over the years, to the sitcoms that define generations, broadcasters hold valuable and unique content in their archives that can be turned into new revenue streams for loyal customers.

Unfortunately, storing, accessing and distributing this content through today’s fragmented IP infrastructure is not a viable solution. With a scalable Origin in place, broadcasters have more options to tap into their full archives and to serve this directly from the Origin, creating new monetization opportunities for archived content and niche services.

Taking Back the Control

With the right strategy in place, broadcasters can be successful in increasing their value proposition to a fragmented audience and regain influence on viewing decisions. When broadcasters take back control, they can achieve significant cost savings, ensure quality of delivery, bring personalization to their business models and take advantage of new revenue generating opportunities.

Broadcasters, when looking to deploy their Origin platforms, must consider a cost-effective future-proof solution that scales with demand. With all those components in place, the path to taking back the control and regaining relevance in this competitive landscape is secured.

Matt Parker is Directory of Business Development for Edgeware.


IBC Issue September 2015