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Wearable Technology, cont'd.

a POV camera and transmitter would give producers the flexibility to cut to video of him kicking a goal into the net. In order to provide this type of customized live viewing experience, however, broadcasters need a reliable way to deliver video imagery from a player’s POV. Recent advances in the development of miniature transmitters are making this a reality, letting broadcasters inject small amounts of POV footage into current game broadcasts.

POV cameras have already been used at a range of sporting events, including the NHL Playoffs and the Winter X Games held in Colorado this February. GoPro HERO4 cameras were paired with Vislink’s purpose-built HEROCast transmitter and mounted to the helmets of snowboarders, letting viewers experience the “ride” as if they themselves were on the board. This new method of capturing the most exciting camera angles from sporting events has created a far more immersive television viewing experience, and is essential in helping broadcasters to retain control of live sports broadcasting.

As producers become more familiar with how to incorporate POV camera angles into live broadcasts, viewers will start to see more of this type of footage. Consequently, as viewers experience the immersive nature and unique perspectives offered by new wearable camera equipment, they will begin to demand more of it.

Taking POV one step further, broadcasters could provide this on-demand to viewers by outfitting several players on a team and letting the viewer at home choose which player’s “eyes” they want to experience the game through. It is likely that consumers would be willing to pay an additional subscription fee to customize their viewing experience to this level. For example, if every car in a NASCAR race was outfitted with a POV camera, viewers could switch back and forth between the cars to experience the race from any driver’s seat.

Broadcasters can’t stop the changing habits of TV consumption, but they can tune in to changing demands around live broadcast. Only by providing viewers with the best possible quality and the best possible camera angles, delivered without delay or glitches, will broadcaster retain control over their most profitable segment of the TV market – live sports.

Ali Zarkesh is Vice President of Product Management at Vislink


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