Broadcast Beat Magazine September, 2015 - Page 69

Demystify and exploit the potential of IP

In many ways, IP is the new digital, HD and 4K all rolled into one. It offers fantastic potential for increased efficiency in core broadcast operations, and indeed entirely new revenue streams that can positively impact an organization’s bottom-line performance.

The challenge is to integrate IP within your operations in ways that suit your business. Ways that represent an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary approach. And no, I don’t believe that the broadcast industry is lagging at least ten years behind the telecoms and computing industries as some of my colleagues in other technology vendors would like to claim.

We don’t have to fundamentally disrupt and even destroy our technology infrastructures in wholesale fashion in order to benefit from IP-based operations. What broadcasters, facilities and content owners require is insightful guidance and support from the right kind of technology partner. A partner that understands IP and also truly understands the world of file-based broadcast workflows.

Since its beginnings some 17 years ago, Telestream has been a pioneer of file-based Video-over-IP workflows, solving the challenges of moving, transforming, and exchanging multi-format media across standard IT networks. We’ve helped transition media companies from simple transcoding and process islands to become fully automated and consolidated file-based media factories. Thankfully, it’s now easier than ever to tame the file-based beast, and even generate new revenue opportunities for your media.

Our business is managing the chaos in today’s file-based workflows. It is important that you make the right choices when evolving your IP strategy: which vendors offer the best options and opportunities; what combination of third party products and systems work within your business model? These questions are fundamental and the support you need in answering them meaningfully is real.

At Telestream, we offer choice - not compromise – and an open ecosystem working cooperatively to integrate with our customers’ vendor of choice for many years. We hold the vision of the future for file-based workflows and we invite you to come and experience it for yourself at IBC 2015.

Paul Turner is Vice President of Enterprise Product Management at Telestream


IBC Issue September 2015