Broadcast Beat Magazine September, 2015 - Page 65

3.Simple distribution to any device: A built-in transcoding functionality, such as the feature Wowza Media Systems provides, allows the ability to stream content to any device – including previous-generation cell phones, smartphones, tablets, streaming devices such as Apple TVs or Roku, laptops, desktop computers and more. With the rise of over-the-top (OTT) content, integrating with these devices is key to staying up-to-date with the changing streaming technology landscape

4.Easy-to-manage features based on viewing habits: Every audience is different. Being able to offer a customized and easy-to-use interface goes a long way in smaller organizations, such as houses of worship. Built-in monitoring and detailed logging allow organizations to see viewer habits and fine-tune broadcasts for a richer worship experience that viewers can participate in right from their couch or wherever they may be!

With a high-quality streaming solution, houses of worship are empowered to present richer and more dynamic experiences for followers, while reaching a virtually unlimited audience outside of their facilities.

Brian Duerring is CEO and Co-Founder of StreamSpot

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