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than the end file size.

As video workflows are transitioning to the cloud, Beamr Video’s cloud-based solution is an easy to integrate API with the benefit of seamless scaling for the processing capacity. In addition to the cloud SaaS version, Beamr Video may be implemented on premises and is easily integrated into most workflows between the encoding and packaging / encryption steps.

Consistent with the movement of content distribution to IP networks and the Internet (OTT), Beamr Video works perfectly with Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) schemes to reduce SD, HD and UHD video profiles, without compromising visual quality. The resulting video files are fully standard-compliant H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) streams that can be played on any TV, computer or mobile device without any special software or plug-ins.

The implications of this extend even further when you consider the impending expansion of mobile networks to 5G – just in time for ultra high definition 4K (UHD). Faster Internet means more opportunity for streaming expansion, and higher consumer expectation. By further compressing file sizes with media optimization tools such as Beamr Video, streaming services can increase the reach of 4K UHD video delivery to a wider audience, enabling better monetization and ROI for the high-cost content production and delivery that comes with increased video quality and resolution.

Looking Ahead

As the face of traditional TV continues to change and people increasingly trim or cut their pay TV package, the video streaming space isn’t getting smaller, and neither are the file sizes. The only way to ensure that costs, data usage and bandwidth consumption do not grow to unmanageable rates will be to adopt media optimization as a standard practice.

We know the streaming struggle is real – video compression just needs to catch up.

Mark Donnigan is Vice President of Sales and Market Development at Beamr, the global leader in media optimization solutions. Beamr offers a patent-pending perceptual video optimizer, which reduces the bitrate of H.264 and HEVC streams by up to 50%, preserving their full resolution and quality. By reducing video bitrates, Beamr enables distributing exceptionally high-quality video, with faster downloads and smoother streaming on bandwidth constrained connections. In his role, Mark has helped Beamr develop of a new industry category -- media optimization -- where Beamr's unique technology can enable new media publishers, consumer services, tier-one studios and digital content distribution platforms to more efficiently deliver high quality photos and video.

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