Broadcast Beat Magazine September, 2015 - Page 58

Media Asset Management, cont'd.


Today, MAM is widely seen as a fundamental component of any media enterprise, and users are confident about its ability to deliver a return on investment.

MAM is proven to solve key business and operational challenges which many media organizations face today. However, to achieve a successful outcome, MAM should be designed and implemented in close collaboration with the customer. Understanding their needs at every stage, from design through to implementation, and beyond, is imperative.

In conjunction, the MAM system needs to be future proof to meet whatever new challenges in media formats and creativity media organizations will face in the future. Therefore, flexibility, extendibility and the scalability to address specific business or operational needs are paramount requirements of a MAM system, especially if total media enterprise transformation is the ultimate goal.

This article was contributed by Kevin Usher, Director of Segment and Product Marketing, Broadcast and Media, Avid

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