Broadcast Beat Magazine September, 2015 - Page 55

Evolution of Storage, cont'd.

Of course, media data is created utilizing file systems that can allow manipulations and modifications of the data in real time. We believe that there is need for both types of data storage technologies in a media production facility and have built “bridges” that allow published media segments or entire works to be moved to far more suitable object-based storage. As data sets grow in size, the selection of a specific storage system based upon data distribution and usage will no longer become optional but will be mandatory to enable manageability and overall site simplification.

The evolution of storage systems to support the creative process is far from over. For example, DDN will be introducing a product that can store data to a massive non-volatile random access memory (NVRAM) structure hosted on a switched system bus, not a storage bus. This will yield even better efficiencies for data-intensive workloads like rendering and real-time editing with preview. We intend to be the first to offer non-volatile media (NVMe) types that are faster, more efficient, and far more resilient than NAND flash. Finally, we will be the first to offer interconnect busses that allow even lower latencies than are possible today.

Stay tuned. The next few years will be some of the most evolutionary and exciting in storage technology to support the media industry.

Dave Fellinger is Chief Scientist at DataDirect Networks.

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