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Top 5 Mythbusters, cont'd.

Those considerations go way beyond posting and retrieving files, of course, but the point is, even when you’re creating a single video project, the time your whole team spends on manual processes adds up. Working with a cloud-based automated solution streamlines all of that, with some companies reporting two weeks of time saved in the edit room per finished piece/episode. That’s significant because you can spend that time doing what matters most… which may be doing more video. In the end, why just get by when you can get more accomplished, faster, while saving everyone involved a lot of hassle?

At Aframe we’re helping broadcasters, promo teams, corporate marketing groups, and video producers across all industries, all over the world, transform their work with cloud-based video collaboration. We believe collaborative teams should never have to wait for media to begin working. We have our ear to the street and will keep busting myths to make the transition a bit easier.

Rory McVicar is Head of Product at Aframe. Prior to joining Aframe pre-launch in 2010, Rory worked as an offline editor and freelance videographer on a range of projects from short-form drama to feature length documentaries. Working closely with customers to understand their problems, Rory is responsible for developing new workflows and ensuring that customer feedback is translated into estimable user stories, ready to be picked up and worked on by the development team.

Aframe is a video collaboration platform in the cloud that provdes one central location for global teams and international partners to access and manage high resolution video.

There are a total of 165 canals in Amsterdam, totaling over 100 kilometers or approximately 60 miles. The Seventeenth-century canal ring inside the Singlegracht was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2010.



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