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Connecting the Cloud, cont'd.

-definition video for each game that were uploaded via Aspera directly into cloud infrastructure in near real-time.

All of the video streams combined demanded an exponential scale-up of transfer capacity and video processing, but only for a few hours each day when games were played. The organizers benefitted from utilizing dynamic provisioning of resources within a cloud infrastructure to meet large spikes in demand with agility and cost efficiency. Without Aspera’s FASP high-speed file transport technology, moving this amount of video in near real-time would have been an insurmountable task.

Broadcast and media production systems provider EVS utilized Aspera’s transfer technology to build up their revolutionary cloud-based content delivery solution, capable of delivering live and near-live distribution of sports action to streaming networks. EVS’ C-Cast technology captured video from each of the multiple camera angles via on-location live production feeds and passed it to Aspera to move those files in near real-time over the WAN to the cloud data centre in Ireland, over 8000km and an ocean away. Elemental Cloud ingested the uploaded mezzanine format and converted it into multiple bitrates, resolutions, and streaming protocols required to serve the full range of fan devices. Simultaneously, high-resolution final content was delivered via Aspera to regional rights-holding broadcasters, who were able to live stream multiple feeds and offer video-on-demand coverage from up to 24 camera angles.

By utilizing the cloud, the organizers allowed fans to enjoy optimized viewing of live and near-live coverage of matches from multiple camera angles on any mobile device of their choosing instead of settling for just one live TV feed. In addition, broadcasters had access to all live streamed camera feeds instead of just a single stream from the event’s central production site. This granted broadcasters far greater freedom to provide their own online live streaming and customized edited content to their customers.

On behalf of the organizers, Aspera moved 2.7 million files totalling over 27 terabytes during the tournament. Cumulatively, nearly 14,000 hours of media content was transported using Aspera’s high-speed transfer technology in less than 14 hours. That’s more than 4.2 Gbps of effective transfer rate and 1000x the playback rate.

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