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Welcome to our second biggest IBC-issue of Broadcast Beat Magazine! We’re almost 2 years old now, and we’re super-excited to be such a growing part of the media industry!

Not only are we proud to announce that we’ve had over 7,500 posts to the Broadcast Beat website, but we also have the largest social media presence of the industry's conventions and events! From Instagram to Twitter and all things in-between, our stories form the “site to see” for anything and everything in the industry.

At IBC2015, UHD is in the air (as well as on the air) and has literally pounded in stakes, set-up shop and raised the bar higher for a new broadcast standard. UHD is really coming into its own, and the progression is amazing. I expect that – sooner, rather than later – we’ll ALL be bowing to this newest media technology! Taking it all in at conventions like IBC2015 shows just how fast it is insinuating its way into our culture.

I have to tell you about the most exciting and hottest trend at Broadcast Beat Magazine - the video interviews!

We’ve recorded more than 50 pre-IBC show videos with some of the most interesting industry insider interviews you’ll only find exclusively at Broadcast Beat! Not only are they LOADED with great info, I speak with everyone from CEO’s and engineers to people who are actually in the field with hands-on the actual creative process/creation!

Look for a hyperlink to the video page on the website – you’ve GOT to hear these people and the fascinating tidbits of knowledge and expertise they share with us!

As you enjoy this issue, remember to keep a browser open to the Broadcast Beat website for our coverage of the Show itself! Hopefully, we’ll see you there! If not, be sure to stay blogged-in for all of the latest news and views!

September, 2015

Volume II | Issue 3


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