Broadcast Beat Magazine September, 2015 - Page 117

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IBC Issue September 2015


Airflow (Editshare)

Access your files anywhere in the world through the privacy and safety of the Editshare Cloud. Airflow lets you pull your content down from the cloud to wherever you are and send it anywhere you need. If you need it fast, send it through the clouds!

Nexidia Dialogue Search v2 (Nexmedia)

The Nexidia Dialogue Search v2 takes your metadata to the next level. It does this by intertwining it with phonetics in your searching and filtering, and it also includes an expanded user interface and Avid Interplay MAM Support. Get a taste of what this solution can do for you. Nexidia Dialogue Search v2 can search-out any spoken word or phrase in mere seconds with the help of multiple media libraries.