Broadcast Beat Magazine September, 2015 - Page 113

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IBC Issue September 2015


Highlights (Vimond)

Every question has a solution somewhere. With Highlights, Vimond has answers for video workflow. A carefully assembled collection of top notch third party software is integrated to smoothly move information and files from here to there. Manipulate live feed like never before via a smooth and mighty workflow. Installation is a snap from start to finish. A new plateau has been reached, it is called Highlights.

Lyric64 (ChyronHego)

The third quarter of this year saw the release of something special from ChyronHego. If you liked the Lyric solution, then you’re going to love the Lyric 64! Lyric 64 has all the same great features as before, but now it’s faster and can juggle larger files simultaneously to help improve your workflow with its full and generous feature set. Its Lyric for the next generation!