Broadcast Beat Magazine September, 2015 - Page 112


CONTENT Creation


IBC Issue September 2015


Cineline 2090 System (Miller Fluid Heads (Europe) Ltd.)

When Eric Miller patented his first design for the fluid head system of camera support, it was 1946; sixty-nine years later, it’s still the go-to system for camera support. Eight years after Mr. Miller created fluid heads, he founded a company specializing in building them and servicing the industry. Who can do it better than the original? The Cineline 2090 System is a masterwork; expertly crafted, and painstakingly designed -its perfection of movement and hell for stout construction make it ideal for whatever you’re filming.

Observer Media Intelligence Platform (Volicon)

The Observer Media Intelligence Platform has risen to meet the ever increasing challenges for media; more choices for consumers and more competition. Capture, share, review, comply, and monitor all from one place. All the best features at the touch of a button combine with ease of use to produce one of the best platforms on the market today.

Wowza Streaming Engine (Wowza Media Systems)

Keep the content flowing with the Wowza Streaming Engine, a customizable media server software system so simple to use it allows your employees to put more energy into creating and generating content than understanding how to use your average new program - because it provides workflo enhancement from end-to-end. The Wowza Streaming Engine has arisen to help meet the ever increasing challenges for media. Top quality at an affordable price.