Broadcast Beat Magazine September, 2015 - Page 111

CONTENT Management

CONTENT Delivery


IBC Issue September 2015


Envivio Muse Live (Envivio)

If what you seek is quality content, then Envivio Muse Live delivers it! Up to 100 top quality SD (or 20 HD) channels - and it all fits in just 2 rack units of space! The kicker is that it does far more than just deliver content - it has a sweet suite of management features, as well!

Gold TS Protection (Bridge Technologies)

Can’t find that pesky error? Let Gold TS Protection be your knight in shining armor! It vastly simplifies the calibration process and sniffs-out errors like a bloodhound, allowing your studio to meet ETR290 Standards. Reduce your error correction time about a dozen times over with Gold TS Protection!