Broadcast Beat Magazine September, 2015 - Page 100


Tiffen International will highlight and demonstrate the new top of the range, modular M1 Steadicam and the Lowel PRO Power LED light. Also announced is an upcoming UK-based Steadicam Gold Workshop in November 2015.

M-1 Steadicam: The M-1 Steadicam is the result of seven generations of experience, innovation, engineering skills, technological advances and invaluable feedback from the users. It’s the strongest and most robust Steadicam of all. The ‘M’ stands for modular, and this is the most modular Steadicam ever. You can start with the simplest post and upgrade later to the full rig.

The new M-1 camera stage is built around strength and high load precision with centre drives for superior rigidity with an optional vernier fingertip tilt adjustment – no tools needed.

The G-70x Elastic Arm is highly durable, performance adjustable, and offers smooth operation with a huge 70lb. lifting capacity and a 29″ boom range. You can move it from lowest to highest position with very little effort.

Top Steadicam operator/trainer Chris Fawcett will be demonstrating the M1 on the Transvideo stand, 11F31. Chris also designed the Exovest™, now the Steadicam vest of choice for

many. With a pivoting exoskeletal structure the Exovest offers a huge leap forward for operators with unrestricted movement, on-the-fly adjustability, with a user-friendly design which is more sympathetic towards the female operator. (see the Lowel PRO Power LED on the next page)

You will also be able to learn more about, and sign up for the forthcoming UK-based Steadicam Gold Workshop in November with an ever increasing technical approach to training, which will incorporate all of the advanced skills not generally covered on the Silver and Bronze Workshops. Potential attendees are advised that it would be best to have a reasonable basic understanding of Steadicam to get the most from the training, but instructors will be on hand for all levels of ability.

Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown and the new top of the range Steadicam M1 rig


IBC Issue September 2015