Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 NAB Show Edition - Page 91

The demand by fans for more personalized content to be consumed anywhere, anytime on any device is on the rise. Using AI to analyze hit rates on social networks and make suggestions for search engines to provide better results to pro- ducers will allow them to create tailored content. This means more opportunities for fans accessing enriched content on their preferred social platform, increasing engagement and driving more revenues from ads or sponsors. As sports moves towards increased data in every aspect of the game (players, tracking, game data), AI will enable con- tent to be captured and ana- lyzed and will allow enriched data to be automatically added, thanks to a powerful data ana- lytics engine. Finally, AI can be used to increase workflow efficiency by analyzing processes and pre- dicting failures. Connected to a Business Process Manager, AI can learn from errors in work- flows and make improvements, thus minimizing inaccuracies in the future and increasing profi- ciency. When properly focused and applied, AI helps modern broadcasters effectively reduce production costs while increas- ing revenue, enabling them to cope with the never-ending increase in sports rights costs and user demands. AI will also help to improve media work- flows that will result in aug- mented solutions and greater creative opportunities for view- ers who are constantly looking for a richer, and more immedi- ate experience. As a leading provider of media and content management solu- tions built on its multi-award- winning Media IT platform, Tedial is uniquely positioned to answer the needs of global media companies and broad- casters for smart live production solutions. At NAB 2018, Tedial will introduce SMARTLIVE, the world’s most comprehensive live event support tool and a breakthrough in sports produc- tion, that leverages AI for auto- mated clip creation and target- ed content, reducing costs and boosting revenues for produc- tion companies. Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 91