Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 NAB Show Edition - Page 89

Broadcasters or sports fans? Who benefits when AI meets MAM? Hint: Both By Julian Fernandez-Campon, Director Business Solutions, Tedial N ot very long ago when someone men- tioned AI (Artificial Intelligence) they were probably talking about a science fiction movie. Now you can’t walk through the halls of any industry event with- out hearing those two letters. Everyone is talking about it, but how is this disruptive tech- nology actually impacting our media consumption habits, and business practices? our lives - both personally and professionally? As AI becomes more preva- lent in the media landscape, albeit slowly, vendors need to be sure that it brings real value to their customers. It is defi- nitely changing the business paradigm and has the potential to provide an enhanced viewer experience, higher fan engage- ment, and increased opportuni- ties for monetization. We can expect the industry buzzword will continue to be “AI” at NAB 2018. Some vendors will have well defined, demon- strable solutions on display, and others will be showing inte- gration connections to cloud- based super-computing plat- forms - with no defined appli- cations. A recent IABM report identified media asset manage- ment (MAM) as the fourth most important priority for buyers, IABM recently published a report supporting the fact that AI adoption is still in its infan- cy in the broadcast and media industry. Despite all the hype, only 8 percent of media tech- nology buyers said they had adopted AI before last year’s IBC; 36 percent admitted they were NOT LIKELY to adopt it in the next two to three years; and 56 percent said they WERE LIKELY to adopt it in that same time frame. So, is AI here to stay? And how will it impact Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 89