Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 NAB Show Edition - Page 68

right chord with its intended audience, then it will quickly be forgotten. Versioning to pro- duce regionally relevant and resonant material is critical to successful branding and pro- motional efforts. There are also technical consid- erations. We’re seeing more and more direct integrations into video platforms—from social media to pre-roll ads and on- demand TV systems. Most plat- forms demand that advertis- ers deliver not only a TV spot but also tailor creative for the smaller screen or to the plat- form’s specific requirements. These creative and technical parameters require a strategic approach and high-quality, tar- geted content that’s carefully and thoughtfully executed. Brands as storytellers Increasingly brands are look- ing to do what films and other long-form video content can do – create an emotional response. To build brand loyalty, you need to make an emotional connec- tion. Doing so in today’s digital media landscape means using more sophisticated methods as audiences have the power to avoid or ignore unwanted marketing material with a swift stoke of a key. The ultimate goal is to bring audiences in. Consider Old Navy’s campaign with SNL comedian Amy Poehler. The company used Amy’s appear- ance in its TV commercials to create videos of Poehler’s humorous outtakes, which were posted to YouTube. This “vol- untary” online content gar- nered more viewership than the “involuntary” TV ads and Old Navy succeeded in creating Hollywood-level content that audiences sought out on their own for its entertainment value. More and more brands are look- ing to connect with viewers though emotional appeals and cinematic production values across multiple platforms – like Coca-Cola tying their brand to ‘happiness,’ Virgin Atlantic embodying ‘empathy,’ and Apple identifying with ‘individ- ual empowerment.’ To do so brands like Nike have 68 • Broadcast Beat Magazine • commissioned animated shorts. Häagen-Dazs and fashion house Miu Miu have created documen- taries while BMW, Estrella and H&M are going all out with cin- ematic fiction. There’s sure to be more experi- mentation and content permu- tations. The landscape evolves at lightning speed, which is why brands need to be nimble and able to meet changing mar- ket conditions and deliver high- quality, fast-turnaround content efficiently and cost effectively. If Hollywood can do it, so can the world’s brands.