Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 NAB Show Edition - Page 67

dinators, technical and graphics specialists, audio mixers and quality control operators must have the tools to work together seamlessly. A single platform can ensure that a multinational client base receives the highest quality content and service in a time-sensitive window of mar- keting opportunity. the game. A holistic approach to this process, backed by the appropriate expertise, systems and technology is the way to get there. While still in its infan- cy for even the largest brands, there’s one industry that’s been at this for a while and has paved the way: Hollywood.   Adopting the Hollywood model Brands are increasingly look- ing to the model used by Hollywood film studios. Digital marketing techniques are fun- damental to build awareness for new film releases. They are part and parcel of any film mar- keting campaign today. They work to create a groundswell of excitement, build word-of- mouth awareness, drive ticket sales, and even help raise the level of critical discourse within the film community. put enormous strain on the con- tent creation and distribution process. Studios and produc- tion companies are finding that localizing and delivering con- tent globally from one central- ized location brings the neces- sary efficiency as well as mes- sage and branding consistency to promotional activity around the world. Companies that specialize in pro- ducing content for Hollywood have the infrastructure and resources in place to scale, as they often work on multiple major releases simultaneously. In-house asset management and distribution platforms are designed and optimized specif- ically for fast-turnaround, high- quality and localized content. Video and digital production experts, customer service coor- Meanwhile the majority of brands still approach digi- tal marketing much the same way as traditional campaigns, through regional offices and separate agencies, which is a costly model that can be dis- jointed and often doesn’t reflect a unified brand message. Speaking the right language Whether a global brand is dis- tributing assets for a broad dig- ital strategy or a film studio is promoting a new release, the content challenge is much more complex than simple language translation. What resonates in Barcelona might not in Brisbane or Boston. There are linguistic and cultural nuances that must be addressed. Study after study has shown the importance of authenticity to viewers when consuming all types of content. No matter how inspired the content, if it doesn’t strike the But the delivery of digital mar- keting assets to support film releases is complex. The abun- dance of digital platforms on which content is consumed, along with country-specific reg- ulations and the need to keep assets secure from piracy all Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 67