Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 NAB Show Edition - Page 66

Brands take cues from Hollywood for digital marketing campaigns By simon briggs, managing director, dms C ontent consumption and distribution pat- terns have changed radically in recent years. The meteoric digitization of media and evolving consum- er viewing habits have upend- ed the media value chain. As everyday life has become more mobile so too has our content. Consumers want their content when and where it suits them – on their laptops, cell phones and other connected devices. Along with a more on-the-go, as-we-want-it reality—or per- haps because of it—attention spans have shortened. In the age of Twitter and Snapchat, we want our content bite-sized. Shorter, snappier and more easily digestible content grabs attention and garners better results. We’re in a new age of mobile media and entertain- ment, and along with it, increas- ingly sophisticated digital mar- keting assets. In light of this sea change, brands are scrambling to adjust their marketing strategies, budgets and workflows to compete for attention. Effectively and effi- ciently creating and distributing digital marketing assets brings enormous challenges. But with challenge comes opportunity. Consumers worldwide have an insatiable appetite for content, but it must be created, execut- ed and distributed correctly. It needs to be in the right format, served up the correct way, and reflect the cultural and demo- graphic nuances of its intended audience. Updated distribution To meet today’s marketing needs, brands are re-think- ing staffing and departments. Companies are recruiting mar- keters savvy in digital content creation, distribution and mon- etization, and beefing up cre- ative staffs. The digital market- ing landscape is no longer for- 66 • Broadcast Beat Magazine • eign to forward-looking brands. But executing high-volume, fast-turnaround, video content requires a different distribution infrastructure. Legacy models based on print and television aren’t designed for today’s wide-ranging, time-sensitive digital market- ing opportunities. The shift in media dollars from traditional platforms to online advertis- ing is increasing the volume of video production, which requires numerous formats and deliverables coming out of post production. The ability to scale becomes paramount. And for international brands, content across regions becomes even more complex and fraught with challenges. Efficiently creating compelling content to support broadcast and digital marketing cam- paigns with cohesive and con- sistent messages across multi- ple channels is the new name of