Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 NAB Show Edition - Page 57

Why content owners need to change their approach to protecting online programming By Johan Bolin, VP products, Edgeware TV production and distribution is expensive busi- ness. The proliferation of OTT has only increased this with fierce market competition driving up the price of both content distribution rights and the amount of money invested in production. At the same time, ease of access to online content means it’s easier for pirates to get their hands on it. A few years ago, pirates would have to physi- cally record a film inside a theatre and make copies. But the availability of content online has had an effect and means illegal ver- sions and streams are easier to get hold of than ever before. And wider avail- ability of 4K con- tent is a potential bonus for pirates. When content is pirated online the quality is usually degraded. This has previously meant pixelated, poor quality view- ing, something which turns off would-be illegal streamers. But if 4K is degraded, it’s likely to still be view- able at least in HD. And while the majority of consumers are still just watching content on HD devices and not 4K-ready ones, that’s entirely acceptable. This is especially apparent when you think that a screen needs to be at least 48 inches to fully appreciate the difference between HD and 4K and so much content is being viewed on smaller-screened mobile devices. This push to create and distribute higher-resolution video is potentially creating an even bigger market for illegally-shared content. So, as digital piracy is on the rise, getting a return on investment is becomi rV6&FW"f"F6P7&VFr"F7G&'WFrFF( 2Eb&w&֖r'&F67B&VBvR( "wwr'&F67F&VB6( "Sp