Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 NAB Show Edition - Page 43

Using the cloud to overcome today’s production headaches Fast, global networks have given content produc- ers the ability to do much more with production workflows and work with operators in remote locations as if they were in the office next door. from where they’ve been ingested to where they need to be edited. This not only takes up valuable time but means editors can’t begin working until transport is complete. By deploying off-premise MAM services, content producers can quickly access and edit rushes no matter where they are by sending or streaming proxy files from source to edit. Post production processes are potentially the biggest beneficiaries of this connectivity with content producers able to edit programming no matter where they are. Cloud editing helps solve several production workflow headaches while bringing a multitude of benefits to users. This brings obvious cost and resource savings. Cloud archive and proxies can reduce online stor- age costs by up to 78%. Having access to high- resolution assets stored a thousand miles away prevents unnecessary duplication of assets. Local access – global contribution Joining up disparate content When working between remote locations, pro- duction teams need to send high-resolution files Content is not typically linked with work-in-prog- ress projects which means users aren’t always Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 43