Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 NAB Show Edition - Page 42

Using the cloud to maximize the benefits of an asset management system By James Varndell, Technical product manager, IPV A ny organization producing content needs to move away from looking at media as a collection of single assets that have to be man- aged to deploying a complete creative service workflow that’s used to manage entire produc- tions. The explosion in the need for content isn’t limited just to broadcasters and production houses. Now creative agen- cies, enterprises, sports orga- nizations and houses of wor- ship all need to maximize their return on the investments made into content production. More than ever before companies and organizations need to be able to easily manage and find video, audio, graphics, effects, edits and any associated work- in-progress files. As a result, the definition of a MAM system has changed – they’re now scalable and flex- ible, can reduce local storage costs, make content more easily discoverable and enable high- performing search, collabora- tion and editing processes. The rise of cloud technologies is also happening at the same time so anyone deploying new systems can increasingly embrace this new kind of asset management system. Cloud-enabled MAMs are con- figurable networks of power- ful services that fully manage workflows instead of just assets. Deployed in the right way, they enable greater production effi- ciencies, cost savings and col- laboration capabilities. 42 • Broadcast Beat Magazine •