Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 NAB Show Edition - Page 40

recommendations, advertis- ing, analytics and more – while securing their reputation for reliability and quality. All with- out costly integration projects and upgrades. NAGRA’s OpenTV Signature Edition is one of the newly designed products architect- ed for pay-TV operators to be hyper consumer-centric, bring- ing Internet inspired innovation with a pay-TV lens. The sys- tem enables frictionless con- sumer access to content via the world’s first multi-journey, multigenerational user interface enabling both traditional EPG led and modern customer paths to content consumption. Additionally, the system’s oper- ator management console gives a pay-TV operator total control to engage monetization oppor- tunities through catalog and service optimization, upselling and customer personalization. The approach, which makes use of NAGRA’s analytics, allows instant valorization of content and popular services that may be trending, and on-the-fly pro- motion on the new UI through a push-updating promotional feature. Continual testing and a rolling program of seamless upgrades enable the provider to sup- port whatever innovative tech- nologies and features enter the marketplace. This includes voice control as one of the lat- est trending technologies driv- ing new use-cases in content access. Flexible pricing options can be a deceptively simple and relatively inexpensive form of 40 • Broadcast Beat Magazine • innovation for providers look- ing to satisfy all consumers in an increasingly diversified, fragmented market. But, let’s not forget upgrading essential backend platforms – from con- tent delivery to subscriber man- agement and CRM – which will be critical for business success in the years to come. The operators that will come out ahead in today’s media and entrainment space will meet consumer demand for clever, personalized and relevant pay- TV journeys. Satisfy these con- sumer needs, and they will stay. Complicate their lives or ignore their desires and they will leave. The power is in the provid- er’s hands and now is the time to adapt their strategy to get ahead of the game.