Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 NAB Show Edition - Page 37

tiers enabling content distribution, collaboration, data protection and disaster recovery. In fact, the file system can provide a unified storage reposi- tory for all content, allowing facilities to take advantage of a single-namespace NAS/SAN with IP and Fibre Channel connectivity optimized for centralized media creation and distribution. Using this approach, a media organization can eliminate the cost of managing and maintaining multiple storage silos, streamline the overall storage envi- ronment, and ensure that each client within each workflow stage gets the type and degree of con- nectivity it requires. In addition to offering greater performance, flex- ibility and efficiency than ever, NAS solutions are also opening the door to exciting new opportuni- ties with respect to data management and pro- cessing. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, for example, into media storage empowers users to unlock unprecedented value from their assets. Performing automated metada- ta extraction, AI-powered cognitive engines can quickly uncover specific events, objects, faces, words and sentiments that make content timely, relevant and valuable. Conclusion Powerful workflow storage platforms supporting enhanced scale-out NAS are e