Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 NAB Show Edition - Page 36

don’t address the full set of requirements associ- ated with modern media workflow. While some solutions offer essential features and manage- ment tools in an end-to-end solution, they often lack a flexible, cost-effective path for scaling. Those that do offer cost-effective scaling can- not always deliver on features and management tools. Many NAS users have found that they have needed to adjust their workflows to work around the limitations of their storage infrastructure. To realize critical improvements in performance, media organizations must look to a new and improved generation of multiprotocol, multiclient NAS solutions. Using NAS to Address Modern Performance Demands By uniting shared storage with robust data man- agement, the latest scale-out NAS offerings not only support demanding collaborative workflows but also ease users’ transition to all-IP workflows. Using a parallel file system to distribute data across the nodes in scale-out storage — essen- tially a building-block architecture — today’s NAS 36 • Broadcast Beat Magazine • offerings can spread data access loads across all the resources available in a system, simplify- ing the scaling of both performance and capac- ity. Within an advanced NAS solution, a cluster can scale performance and capacity together or independently to reach hundreds of petabytes in capacity and more than a terabyte per second in aggregate performance. Leading solutions can also support dual 40-GbE connectivity, with 50- and 100-GbE speeds on the horizon. Some NAS offerings even deliver the same performance and capacity as a SAN at a fraction of the cost. The math is simple: upgrad- ing to an 8- or 16-Gb fiber backbone can cost up to three times more than a comparable Ethernet fabric. Finally, the most advanced NAS solutions are able to combine both NAS client access and SAN client access into a single shared storage system, thereby allowing users to customize their storage to any requirement of their workflow. When integrated with a sophisticated file system, a scale-out NAS solution can become a seamless part of a tiered storage infrastructure leveraging flash, disk, tape, object storage and public cloud, with automated content movement across all